Western Washington University   College of Sciences and Technology   Physics/Astronomy Dept.   Bellingham, WA USA
We are the WWU Planeteers
We are all astronomy enthusiasts who have been trained to provide your group with a presentation of the facility's available programs.

Each guide has their own academic and professional pursuits in addition to working at the planetarium. The guide assigned to your presentation may be changed if neccessary to accommodate our busy schedules.

Planeteers Wanted
WWU students, would you like to help design planetarium programming, give presentations, or use the facility for a unique idea of your own? We need writers, musicians, graphic artists, video and audio technicians, and of course, astronomers. For more information on becoming a planeteer, please email.

Resources for Planeteers and Faculty
What's Up?
Basic observing skills; using a planisphere, coordinates, finding deep sky objects (pdf).
The Sun's Family
The evolution of the solar system and its place in the galaxy; dust cloud accretion to white dwarf (pdf).
Reasons for the Seasons
Position, movement, and angles of the Earth's orbit (pdf).
It's a Phase We're Going Through
Lunar phases, eclipses, tides (pdf).
Stellar Astronomy
Stellar evolution, electromagnetic spectrum, intelligent life in the Universe (pdf).

Mediaglobe Resources

Instructional Vignette Program Guide
These are short pre-scripted demonstrations designed for the Mediaglobe projector. Each portrays some fundamental topic in astronomy.
Mediaglobe Simulator
This simulator can help you learn to navigate the menus of the Mediaglobe system.
Mediaglobe Users Group
More planetarium resources and Mediaglobe news.