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Comet - Hale Bopp Orbit

Comet - Hale Bopp Position

Comet - Halley Orbit

Comet - Halley Position

Constellations Circumpolar

Constellations Seasonal

Constellations - Zodiac

Polaris - find from Big Dipper

Polaris - find from Cassiopeia

Eclipse Lunar, Partial

Eclipse Lunar, Total

Eclipse Solar, Annular

Eclipse Solar, Partial

Eclipse Solar, Total

Meteors - Leonid Shower

Moon Evening Crescent

Moon - Morning Crescent

Moon - 1st Quarter

Moon - 3rd Quarter

Moon - Full

Moon Motion, 5 Day Interval

Moon Motion, Month

Planets - Annual Motion

Planets - Fly Thru Inner

Planets - Fly Thru Outer

Solar Motion - Analemma

Solar Motion - Equator

Solar Motion Equinox

Solar Motion Middle Latitude

Solar Motion North Pole

Solar Motion Summer Solstice

Solar Motion Winter Solstice

Star Motion - Equator

Star Motion - Mid Latitude

Star Motion - North Pole

Star Motion - South Pole

Instructional Vignette

These are short pre-scripted demonstrations
designed for the Mediaglobe Projector. Each
portrays some fundamental topic in astronomy.

Click on a title to retrieve the description.