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Our faculty teach and conduct research in a variety of areas, including Family and the Life Course, Law/Crime/Deviance, Population Studies, Social Organization/Social Inequality, and Social Psychology. Our staff provide strong administrative support and a comprehensive advising program for students. For background information on each of our faculty and administrative staff, click on their names.

Chair of the Department

Mick Cunningham
Arntzen Hall 514 (MS 9081)
Phone: (360) 650-4881
Fax: (360) 650-7295

Administrative Staff

Barbara Broughton
(1998) Administrative Services Manager
Arntzen Hall 512 (MS 9081)
Phone: (360) 650-3610
Fax: (360) 650-7295

Andrea Osborn
(2014) Program Coordinator & Undergraduate Advisor, Sociology
AH 513; (360) 650-4882;

Linda Clark
Interim Program Coordinator & Undergraduate Advisor, Fall Quarter 2015, Sociology
AH 513; (360) 650-4882;

Department Faculty

Kristin Anderson
(2001) Professor;
AH 522; (360) 650-7219; Kristin.Anderson@wwu.edu
BA, University of Northern Iowa;
PhD, The University of Texas at Austin
Gender, domestic violence, family

Karen Bradley
(1992) Professor;
AH 532; (360) 650-3001; Karen.Bradley@wwu.edu
BA, Providence College;
MA, Boston College, Stanford University; PhD, Stanford University;
Education, gender, cross-national research regarding women and higher education, organizations

Richard Bulcroft
(1999) Associate Professor;
AH 529; (360) 650-3005;
BA, University of New Hampshire;
PhD, University of Minnesota
Family, relationships, adolescence, research methods

Mick Cunningham
(1999) Professor;
AH 514; (360) 650-4881; Mick.Cunningham@wwu.edu
BA, Pacific Lutheran University;
MA, PhD, University of Michigan
Family, gender, research methods, social demography

Seth Feinberg
(2005) Associate Professor;
AH 528; (360) 650-3864; Seth.Feinberg@wwu.edu
BA, Tufts University;
MA, PhD, Ohio State University;
Deviance, criminology, corrections, research methods

Todd Nicholas Fuist
(2013) Visiting Assistant Professor;
AH 511; (360) 650-3000; todd.fuist@wwu.edu
BA,MA DePaul University;
PhD, Loyola University Chicago;
Religion, Social Movements, Culture, Identity, Media, Subcultures, Qualitative Methods, Sociological Theory, Pedagogy

Ronald Helms
(2000) Professor;
AH 526; (360) 650-7927; Ronald.Helms@wwu.edu
PhD, University of Oregon;
Criminal justice, criminology, research methods

Jim Inverarity
(1985) Professor;
AH 502; (360) 650-3006;
BA, University of Michigan;
PhD, Stanford University
Sociology of law, classical theory

Jennifer Lois
(2000) Professor;
AH 530; (360) 650-3007; Jen.Lois@wwu.edu
PhD University of Colorado-Boulder;
Social psychology, emotions, gender, qualitative methods

Baozhen Luo
(2010) Assistant Professor;
AH 531; (360) 650-7913;

BA, Nanjing University (China);
PhD, Georgia State University
Family and life course, social gerontology, Asian/Asian American

Kay McDade
(2009) Visiting Associate Professor
AH 509; 360-650-7213; Kay.McDade@wwu.edu
BS Duquesne University
MS, PhD University of Oregon
Family and family policy, gender and women's studies, Caribbean studies, research methods

Liz Mogford
(2007)  Associate Professor;
AH 524; (360) 650-3002; Liz.Mogford@wwu.edu
MPH, PhD, University of Washington
Social determinants of health, global health, and demography

Laura Overstreet
(2004)  Visiting Assistant Professor;
AH 507; (360) 650-7522; Laura.Overstreet@wwu.edu
BA, University of North Texas
MA, PhD, Texas Woman's University
Divorce in late adulthood and student learning

Jay Teachman
(1998) Professor;
AH 505; (360)650-7214; Jay.Teachman@wwu.edu
BA, Western Washington University,
PhD, University of Chicago
Statistics, methods, demography, family

Lucky Tedrow
(1975) Director, Center for Social Science Instruction; Demographic Research Laboratory
AH 501A; (360) 650-3176; Lucky.Tedrow@wwu.edu
BS, MA, Western Washington University
Social and applied demography, computer applications

Glenn Tsunokai
(2003) Professor;
AH 504; (360) 650-2540; Glenn.Tsunokai@wwu.edu
PhD, University of California at Riverside
Race and ethnic relations, methods, stratification




Retired and Emeritus Faculty

Rabel J. Burdge
Retired Visiting Professor of Sociology. BS, MS, Ohio State Universities; PhD, Pennsylvania State University (1996-2012)

Donald J. Call
Associate Professor Emeritus of Sociology. BA, MA, PhD, University of Oregon. (1958-1991)

Ingeborg L.E. Paulus
Associate Professor Emeritus of Sociology. BA, MA, University of British Columbia; PhD, University of London, England. (1967-1989)

John Richardson
Professor Emeritus of Sociology. BA, University of the Pacific; PhD, University of California-Davis. (1974-2009)

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