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First Alert Program

First Alert promotes the retention of multicultural students enrolled and those being reinstated at Western Washington University through a positive intervention program. Student Outreach Services, in conjunction with Academic Advising, personally contact all multicultural students with low academic scholarship. Students on First Alert are strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment with an adviser, enroll in an EDUC 108 class, or participate in a workshop addressing academic success. Continued intervention includes follow-up appointments, an academic success kit, study groups, and course scheduling assistance.

Academic Improvement Plan

Please use this academic improvement plan to help you and your advisor develop a plan for academic success. Our First Alert program can provide you with many tools to turn things around. Please download and print this document. Fill it out before you meet with an academic advisor. The Plan of Action can be completed with the help fo the advisor when you come in for your appointment.

Joan Ullin
Office of Admissions

Page Updated 01.20.2016