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Glossary of Terms Used at WWU

Below is a list of terms commonly used at Western Washington University by faculty, staff and students:

Academic Advisor
Faculty and staff who are available to answer academic questions and offer guidance about the academic programs at Western. Advisors are found in academic departments as well as in individual office. Also, see Academic Support Coordinator
Academic Support Coordinator
Academic Support Coordinators and academic advisors that are unique to Student Outreach Servies and can help students with most, if not all, questions that students might have.
Bachelor's Degree
A four year undergraduate degree in a particular field (see Major). Also sometimes referred to as a Baccalaureate Degree.
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
A book released every year by Western that includes requirements for majors, minors, concentrations, academic policy and procedures, and a complete description of courses.
A special program of study within a major that provides expertise in a particular area.
Core Courses
Required courses within a major that are required for graduation in that specific major.
Course Reference Number. A number used to identify a specific course and section in the Course Schedule or Classfinder.
The basic unit used in measuring college courses.
Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Required each for each year that a student requests financial assistance. Students must file a FAFSA form in order to receive aid.
General University Requirement. GUR's are courses required for graduation that spread across a broad array of subject areas and departments. GUR courses are used to help prepare students to become informed citizens in society.
Grade Point Average.
Holds are blocks that are placed on a student's ability to register. Holds indicate that there is an outstanding obligation such as unpaid tuition, library fines, etc., and they must be taken care of before students may register for classes.
An approved program of study leading to a BA or BS degree.
An approved program of study in a discipline other than the major.
A course required as a prior condition for taking another course and is usually meant to prepare students for courses that follow. Expl. Biology 101 is a prerequisite of Biology 102.
Resident Advisor. RA's are trained student advisors that live in the floors of univeristy residences and they help to develop the floor community through residence hall activities and programming.
Writing Proficiency. WP courses are writing intensive courses that are required in each major and must be completed before one can graduate from Western.
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