Meet the Mentors!

the Mentor Project gives upperclassmen a unique leadership role on Western's campus. Mentors are expert "referral-ists" who understand the importance of knowing options and opportunities on campus, stay up-to-date about events and activities, and direct mentees to appropriate offices and/or facilities when necessary.

Mentor Involvement

Peer mentors are involved in a range of campus activities and can help first-year students find their niche. Some examples of peer mentor involvement are:

  • Ethnic Student Center
  • Woodring College of Education
  • Track and Field
  • Latino Student Union
  • College of Engineering Technology
  • Mixed Identity Student Organization
  • College Success Foundation Scholars
  • Western Leadership Advantage
  • Fairhaven College
  • Transfer students
  • Huxley College of the Environment
Page Updated 07.14.2014