Meet the Mentors!

the Mentor Project gives upperclassmen a unique leadership role on Western's campus. Mentors are expert "referral-ists" who understand the importance of knowing options and opportunities on campus, stay up-to-date about events and activities, and direct mentees to appropriate offices and/or facilities when necessary.

Mentor Involvement

Peer mentors are involved in a range of campus activities and can help first-year students find their niche. Some examples of peer mentor involvement are:

  • Ethnic Student Center
  • Woodring College of Education
  • Track and Field
  • Latino Student Union
  • College of Engineering Technology
  • Mixed Identity Student Organization
  • College Success Foundation Scholars
  • Western Leadership Advantage
  • Fairhaven College
  • Transfer students
  • Huxley College of the Environment


Peer Mentors

Alex Iverson

Amber Ma

Amberly Khamsaly

Cassie De Santiago

Danielle Navarro

Kalia Castro

Kay Taylor

Kenny Torre

Le'Ana Freeman

Logan Green

Rachel Reum

Shawn Placencia

Page Updated 09.25.2015