Vision and Mission of the Shannon Point Marine Center (SPMC)

Our mission is to engage in high-quality integrated research, education, and outreach that advances knowledge of coastal and marine ecosystems, enhances ocean literacy, and trains future scientists and educators, with a strong commitment to diversity in all domains.

Focus Area I: Research

Goal 1. Explore and implement new models for the support and conduct of research at SPMC

  • Action 1. Finalize creation of research faculty positions
  • Action 2. Strengthen links with main campus departments and programs
  • Action 3. Increase and stabilize support for technical staff, graduate students, and post-docs
  • Action 4. Explore the creation of topic-based research groups within and beyond SPMC, for sharing and leveraging of resources and knowledge

Goal 2. Increase funding and other resources available for research at SPMC

  • Action 1. Bring new vessel to completion
  • Action 2. Submit National Science Foundation (NSF) Field Stations and Marine Laboratories proposal every year
  • Action 3. Approach new funding sources for research support and facilities expansion
  • Action 4. Develop and implement a formal access and fee policy for space and instrumentation
  • Action 5. Develop plans to increase capacity and infrastructure for research, instrumentation and support personnel

Focus Area II: Education

Goal 1. Initiate new or further develop existing education programs at SPMC

  • Action 1. Formalize graduate degree program in marine science
  • Action 2. Find long-term support for Multicultural Initiative in the Marine Sciences: Undergraduate Participation (MIMSUP) program
  • Action 3. Develop formal internships for WWU undergraduates to engage in SPMC research
  • Action 4. Explore offering technical certifications in marine-related fields

Goal 2. Improve the integration of SPMC education activities with organizations in the wider region

  • Action 1. Better integrate SPMC marine science community with other disciplines on campus, including Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education (SMATE), Woodring, Huxley, Biology, Arts, Engineering, bioinformatics, etc.
  • Action 2. Better integrate SPMC marine science community with regional organizations (i.e. community colleges, Northwest Indian College, high schools)
  • Action 3. Increase the technical and distance learning capacity of SPMC
  • Action 4.  Establish an SPMC office on-campus

Focus Area III: Outreach

Goal 1. Expand outreach and informal science education (ISE) capacity and programs

  • Action 1. Develop an outreach facility/classroom and improve/maintain ISE tools such as the Mobile Ocean Science Information System (MOSIS).
  • Action 2. Provide funding for outreach staff, activities and programs through additional sources, including institutional support, fee based participation, and work with the WWU Foundation to development capacity to realize revenue and donor opportunities

Goal 2. Incorporate outreach more strongly into education and research activities

  • Action 1. Fund structured internships in multiple areas including community outreach, social media content management, analytical lab assistance, scientific diving, program assessment
  • Action 2. Increase support and coordination of outreach with grant proposal preparation and funded research
  • Action 3. Incorporate outreach into student education activities where possible
  • Action 4. Use distance learning capabilities to expand the impact of outreach beyond the local community

Focus Area IV: Culture, Climate, and Sustainability

Goal 1. Better integrate SPMC into the culture, operations, and programs of the main campus

  • Action 1. Formalize communications and interactions with on-campus academic and support units

Goal 2. Strive for transparency in decision-making, budgeting, resource allocation, hiring, and priority setting

  • Action 1. Hold regular SPMC ‘department’ meetings
    Action 2. Improve external communication efforts, including website, newsletter and social media
Page Updated 11.04.2013