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Marine Science Scholars Program

Prepare yourself for a career in marine science in a rigorous course of study that includes a strong base in the liberal arts, the broad training in life sciences that characterizes a major in Biology or Environmental Science, and the special opportunities for study of the marine environment and its living resources provided by Western’s extraordinary facilities and programs at its Shannon Point Marine Center (SPMC). This is a course of study that will provide you with the strongest base possible for the marine science profession.

The MSS Program invites scholars to participate in a special program of study in the freshman and sophomore years leading to the marine specialization within the Biology or Environmental Science majors. Applicants to Western selected as Marine Science Scholars will take a two-week 4-credit field and laboratory-intensive course at the Shannon Point Marine Center in September, prior to the start of Fall Quarter. During the Winter and Spring Quarters of the freshman year and all three quarters of the sophomore year, Marine Science Scholars will work with Western’s marine scientists on special problem 1-cr seminars on topical issues such as red tides, ocean acidification, and food web dynamics.

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