User Access

Requesting Access

To gain SSC access, initate a Student Success Collaborative Access Request e-sign form. While any staff member may initiate the form (a supervisor, for example) the employee must approve the form at some point in the approval queue. The form is on the Administrative Computing Services Web Forms page:



When the Office of the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services receives the Access Request form, the employee receives an Outlook invitation to on-campus training. The 90-minute session includes background on platform selection, guidebook review, system features and benefits including integration into daily workflow, and concludes with hands-on exercises. Individual training can be arranged to accommodate schedules if there are conflicts with pre-arranged training times.

When training is complete, the Access Request form is forwarded to Registrar’s Office staff, and if the user meets insititutional requirements, access is granted.

For more information, contact Steve Vanderstaay (x3004) or Sara Wilson (x4332).

Page Updated 11.13.2017