SSC Assesment Plan

Years 1-2 (January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2014)

Assessment Report, May 2014

The purpose of SSC assessment in the first two years of the pilot is primarily formative in that data is sought to inform decisions about how to improve use of the platform to increase student retention and graduation rates.  

Year 3 (January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015)

Assessment Report, May 2015

The purpose of SSC assessment in the third year of the pilot is primarily summative in that data gathered will be used to inform decisions regarding whether to continue to participate in the collaborative.


Description of Plan

Year 1-2 Plan: In keeping with the formative purposes of the assessment of the platform in years 1-2, and in order to maximize opportunities to learn from each of the pilots, the assessment will be largely qualitative and grounded in verbal reporting from each of the five pilots. Specifically:

First, each pilot will discuss among its participants

  • How they have used the platform.
  • The features of the platform that have emerged as most and least useful in their work.
  • The technical features of the platform that they would like to see further improved.
  • Their plans for use of the platform in year two (second academic year).
  • Tentative judgments about the value of the platform, relative to the program goal and objectives.
  • Tentative judgments about the value of the platform, relative to each pilot area’s goals and mission.
  • Whether use of the platform has allowed them to better identify and provide outreach to those students “off path” to graduation or to serve more of those students in greatest need.
  • Anything else they wish to report out about their experience with the platform and/or pilot project.

Next, the pilot participants will meet in an expanded meeting of the FYE Committee and report out to the larger group their responses to the above questions. Quantitative data regarding utilization of the platform will also be shared at this time. In discussion, the FYE committee will create a written summary of the comments regarding what is and is not working with the platform relative to 1) the pilot area’s goals and missions and 2) the SSC goal.

An assessment reports of year 1-2 will be issued in May 2014 to the Provost and the Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services

If invited to the Senate, the larger summary will be shared. In addition, each participant area will summarize its experience, relative to the above questions.

Year 3 Plan: The Year-3 assessment will include the qualitative process described above, but with a more pointed emphasis upon the extent to which pilot participants believe continued use of the platform would help them to achieve the program goals and objectives, and their goals and objectives.  In keeping with the summative purpose of the Year-3 assessment, we plan to also survey participants anonymously on these issues.

An assessment report of year 3 will be issued in May 2015. The report will be shared with the Faculty Senate, which will issue its recommendation to the Vice Presidents.


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