Computer Labs

Student Technology Fee Guidelines for Computer Lab Funding

The Student Technology Fee Committee approved the following guidelines in May 2010.

Criteria for Student Technology Fee (STF) Funding of Computer Labs

The computer lab replacement portion of the Student Technology Fee (STF) is intended to fund student computer labs on a scheduled replacement cycle. The STF will fund computers in labs that meet the following criteria:

  • STF lab replacement funding is provided only for computers that are dedicated to general-purpose computing, or computers that support computer labs, such as those controlling printing or monitoring of computer lab-usage statistics.

    Examples of computers not supported by STF lab replacement funding are computers that control other specialized equipment or that are used for classroom mediation.

  • The level of STF lab-replacement funding is limited to the amount necessary to provide university-standard PC or MAC workstations—as defined on the ATUS website—including university-standard software (i.e., software provided on computers in General University Labs).

  • All funded computers must have software that records and transmits anonymous usage statistics. Such software will be provided and monitored by ATUS. Access must be granted to ATUS to collect these statistics.

  • Students must not be charged course or lab fees for replacing computers purchased using STF lab-replacement funding. However, STF funding is still available when lab fees are charged for applications that are not part of the normal Western software suite, or to support specialized hardware requirements that are beyond the university standard.