Sustainability Courses

Western offers both sustainability-focused and sustinability-related courses. These courses are offered in many different colleges and departments, including Huxley College of Environmental Studies, Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies, Woodring College of Education, Environmental Studies, Accounting, Economics, Geology, Marketing, Political Science, Materials Science, and many others. Courses are listed per instructor assessment of sustainability content within each course.

There are sustainability-related courses all throughout different course types, such as:

Accounting, Biology, Communication, Design, Economic, Geography, Environmental Science, Environmental Study, Engineering Technology, Fairhaven, Geology, History, Health Education, Master of Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Recreation, Sociology

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Sustainability Degrees


Western offers many degrees focused on or related to the principles of sustainability. They include:

Business and Sustainability Major, Energy Policy Minor, Sustainable Design Minor, Urban Planning and Sustainable Development Major, Economics/Environmental Studies Major, Environmental Studies – Elementary Major, Environmental Science Major/Minor, Environmental Education Major/Minor, Environmental Policy Major/Minor, Environmental Studies Major/Minor

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International Sustainability Studies

International Studies

WWU study abroad programs related to or focused in sustainable education:

Sustainable Ithaca: Applied Studies in Mediterranean Sustainable Development, Kenya: Field Studies and Collaborative International Service-Learning, Explore Tanzanian environments this summer, Costa Rica: Rainforest Immersion and Conservation Action, New Orleans: Nature, Culture and the City, Peru: Ecotourism and Community Development

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Urban Transistions Studio

Urban Transitions Studio

The UTS Goal is to Promotes Urban Sustainability through Green Building and Transit Oriented Communities.

Urban Transitions Studio is a collaborative partnership between Western Washington University, Bellingham's Office of Planning and Community Development, and Sustainable Connections.

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Campus Sustainability Planning Studio


The Campus Sustainability Planning Studio is hands-on, problem-based learning where student research teams help WWU and the Bellingham community achieve sustainability in many different areas.

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