International Sustainability Studies

Below are study abroad programs related to or focused in sustainable education:


Food Cultures of Italy and Switzerland
ENVS 437L (10 credits)

This food course begins with a culinary intensive in Bellingham, also available online, then moves to Florence, Italy, where students study Italian and food cultures of Italy. Students also study at the prestigious University of Florence sensory taste sciences department. Study with renowned European faculty Caterina Dinella of the University of Florence, and Johannes Wirz (Switzerland excursion) as well as with Western professor, Gigi Berardi.


Sustainable Ithaca: Applied Studies in Mediterranean Sustainable Development
ENVS 437P (10 credits)

Explore Mediterranean architecture and culture while performing fieldwork on the small coastal Kioni Village in Ithaca, Greece. This hands-on study abroad program will treat students as entry-level professionals. This program consists of pre-departure research and course preparation, two weeks of intensive field work in Greece followed by an on campus component to produce final planning documents.


Kenya: Field Studies and Collaborative International Service-Learning!
INTL 437H (15 credits)

Spend six weeks in rural Kenya learning about the local community, culture, history, politics and more. Engage in meaningful service-learning projects. Apply your learning to your own major through the development of an individualized study or research project. Service-learning projects that develop through collaboration with Kenyan community partners may involve creating and sustaining income-generating projects, high-school level service-learning projects and energy, health and water projects.


Explore Tanzanian environments this summer!
ESTU 337A (3 credits) / ESTU 337B (3 credits)

Gain an in-depth experience of Tanzania this summer while studying and exploring East Africa for 18 days. Join Huxley instructor Tim Scharks and other students and: Tour Moshi town; Visit Kilimanjaro National Park HQ; Experience local culture through homestays and excursions in Chagga village; Examine the photo safari experience from a critical geography perspective; Travel and experience some of the world's most famous safari destinations; Interpret the East African landscape through writing and photography.

coasta rica

Costa Rica: Rainforest Immersion and Conservation Action
ENVS 437M / 437N / 437O (10 credits)

Pure life, or "Pura Vida" as they say in Costa Rica — Come experience this approach to life and the environment. Costa Rica is internationally known for its leadership in ecological conservation, commitment to the environment, beautiful beaches and rich, high diversity forests. Create lifelong memories and experiences; Discover the plants and animals of the rainforest; Visit white sand beaches and active volcanoes; Make new friends from home and abroad; Engage in field experience projects. This program, limited to 25 participants, is open to students, faculty, alumni and other interested community members and professionals.

new orleans

New Orleans: Nature, Culture and the City
ENVS 315 (4 credits)

Immerse yourself in the local ecology and culture of New Orleans during this hands-on investigation. Study the consequences of human activities and their impacts on culture, including the use of nature as a resource and attempts to reduce threats to life and property. Find out about New Orleans' newly released 21st Century plan and its vision for livability, opportunity, sustainability and becoming a "green" city.


Peru: Ecotourism and Community Development
RECR 437 (5 credits) / ANTH 437 (3 credits)

Join WWU faculty on this remarkable Exploration Seminar into Peru's Cordillera Blanca (White Mountains) and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the Amazon Rainforest to investigate the issues of tourism and eco-tourism. Find out about the environmental and cultural impacts and how to help preserve the natural area. Visit sustainable tourism projects; Meet with non-governmental eco-tourism organizations; Gain hands-on skills in tourism planning and resource management; Explore archaeological, historical and natural areas; Participate in an overnight visit to Machu Picchu.