Sustainability Organizations

Would you like to help Western along the road to sustainability or get connected to off-campus organizations? WWU and the Belligham Community hosts many student groups and organizations that promote ecological protection, social equity, human health, and economies that work for people.

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University Groups

Academic Custodial Services


Academic Custodial Services provides quality cleaning services using environmentally sustainable high performance products and processes to support Facilities Management's stewardship of the campus community. Academic Custodial Services has used internationally certified Green Seal products for industrial/institutional cleaners for approx. 5 years. All general products used by ACS are Green Seal 37 certified including SE 64 (neutral general purpose cleaner), SE 61 (Glass/Surface cleaner), and SE 80 (multiuse non-heavy metal containing floor finish). ACS has reduced chemical product inventories from sixty plus products in 2000 to twenty in 2006 with three main cleaning products used as the back bone of the daily operation.

Manager: Don Bakkensen, | (360)650-3932
Supervisor: Michael Smith, | (360)650-3934

Central Stores

Central Stores is committed to procuring recycled commodities for WWU. Approximately 90% of Central Store's inventory contains recycled material. Copy, printer and janitorial papers contain between 30-100% post consumer waste. Very shortly all the janitorial cleaning products will be Green-Seal approved and LEED certified. Central Stores also stocks and encourages the use of quality, recycled printer cartridges. All used cartridges are collected and returned to cartridge suppliers to be recycled. Office Depot, Central Stores' office supplies vendor, encourages and emphasizes the purchase and use of recycled products by offering WWU competitive pricing on recycled goods. Besides products, Central Stores is also working towards consolidating delivery services to end-users and centralizing vendor deliveries to campus in an effort to reduce traffic and increase pedestrian safety at WWU.

Contact: | (360)650-3546

Facilities Management

Facilities Management (FM) supports Western Washington University's academic mission through the planning, development, maintenance and operation of Western's facilities and grounds. This support is accomplished through leadership, teamwork, and our commitment to quality customer service for the Western Washington University community.

Contact: (360)650-3497

Residents' Resource Awareness Program (ResRAP)


Led by Office of Sustainability staff and residence halls' Eco-Reps, the foremost goal of ResRAP is to involve residents in creating a sustainable living on campus. Small everyday actions have a collective, noticeable impact and serve as examples to other members of campus.

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Coordinator: | (360)650-2011
Assistant: | (360)650-4585

Sustainable Transportation

WWU's Sustainable Transportation Office: Provides assistance to the WWU community with alternative transportation information, supports Student Transportation, is a campus resource for sustainable transportation news and information, is a liaison between WWU, WTA and other transportation-related community groups, and fulfills the requirements of the state Commute Trip Reduction Act.

Contact: | (360)650-7960
Manager: Carol Berry, | (360)650-7979

The Office of Sustainability


From our commitment to green energy and waste reduction to WWU's sustainability committee and sustainability-minded courses, WWU incorporates sustainability into many areas of campus operations and academics. The WWU Office of Sustainability is dedicated to furthering Western's strategic goal of campus sustainability. As defined by the WWU Sustainability Committee, a sustainable WWU: (1) Protects local and global ecology, (2) Upholds social equity, (3) Creates economic vitality, and (4) Maintains human health.

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Manager: Seth Vidaña, | (360)650-2491

WWU Sustainability Committee

The WWU Sustainability Committee was created in April of 2005 to further WWU's strategic goal of campus sustainability. The Sustainability Committee is composed of faculty, staff and students, who share a desire to protect local and global ecology, uphold social equity, create economic vitality, and maintain human health.
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Associated Student Organizations

Alternative Transportation Office


WWU's Sustainable Transportation Office: (1) Provides assistance to the WWU community with alternative transportation information (2) Supports the Student Transportation Program (3) Is a campus resource for sustainable transportation news and information (4) Is a liaison between WWU, WTA and other transportation-related community groups, and (5) Fulfills the requirements of the state Commute Trip Reduction Act.
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Contact: (360)650-7960
Coordinator: | (360)650-7741

Environmental and Sustainability Programs Office (ESP)


The ESP is the heartbeat of the campus environmental community. The Environmental Center, the Outback, and the Alternative Transportation Coordinator are the student-led hubs that make up the ESP. All these positions are committed to serving students by helping them grow their passions and discover what sustainability looks like in their own lives. Our united purpose is first and foremost to create and continue a steady flow of collaboration and dialogue around environmental issues.

Coordinator: | (360)650-6129

Environmental Center (EC)


The Environmental Center is here to provide resources to students and other community members about local, national and international environmental issues. We have books, videos, magazines, and other media on a full range of topics - from acid rain to zero population growth. We also bring speakers to campus and present fun and educational programs throughout the year, including the annual Earth Day Fair in the spring. We provide club support and volunteer opportunities, and facilitate student involvement in local environmental conferences and campaigns. If you want to get in touch with campus environmental clubs, local organizations, or find job, internship or volunteer opportunities, we're the place to visit!

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Contact: | (360)650-6129

Recycle Center


The mission of the A.S. Recycle Center is to provide the opportunity for faculty, staff and students to recycle on campus, to educate the University community on the recycling process at Western, and to continually increase our collection efforts in order to reduce Western's waste stream. In addition to this, we provide student employment opportunities and work experience, specifically in recycling and waste management.
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Contact: | (360)650-3088

The Outback Farm


To promote harmonious living in the community and environment through experiential education, service learning, and celebration. Mission Statement: The Outback is a joint program of Fairhaven College and the Associated Students of Western Washington University. Founded in 1972, the Outback Farm is a five acre student-run site at the south end of Fairhaven College which teaches, develops and implements sustainable growing and land use methods in order to enrich the student body, the University, and the Bellingham community.
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Coordinator: | (360)650-2433

Student Clubs

Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA)

A&W Management

The purpose of this chapter is to promote discussions of environmentally related topics through interaction with the professional community. Our goals are to provide real world experience and opportunities in the environmental field, while creating a network of individuals that share a common interest. AWMA conducts quarterly campus waste audits and also sends teams twice a year to compete in environmental challenges. This is the Huxley Chapter of AWMA.

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Contact: | (360)220-5300

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)


WWU EWB is a student chapter of Engineers Without Borders, a non-profit organization. We are partnering with a small Mayan community in Guatemala named Candelaria Camposanto to help improve the community members lives. Our current project involves working with the community to design a water system. Everyone is welcome. We meet Tuesdays at 5pm in AW 203!

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Contact: | (360)298-1719

Food Recovery Network (FRN)


Food Recovery Network (FRN) is a local chapter of a national organization that works to unite students and communities to eliminate food waste and hunger by donating our leftovers to people in need. We are a part of the Net Impact Club on campus, whose goals are to use business skills to innovate and approach environmental and social problems such as food waste. Every Friday, volunteers will meet at the tables outside of the Atrium and then we will proceed to pick up leftovers at four retail locations on campus. We need volunteers every Friday, from 4-6pm!

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Contact: Megan Lasley | Email | (253) 732-4142

Hydroponics Club


Hydroponics is a way of growing both edible and non-edible plants without using soil. WWU hydroponics is a group that strives to educate the community about how we can rely on our own local, healthy vegetables. Our goal is to create mass scale hydroponics to feed our WWU community.

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LEAD (Learning, Environment, Action, Discovery)


LEAD seeks to provide service-learning opportunities in order to educate about the importance of preserving and restoring Whatcom County's native biodiversity through the coordination of hands-on volunteer efforts in the removal of invasive plants, re-planting of native species, trail maintenance, and wetland restoration. Our vision is to create community environmental service learning projects through partnerships between the Bellingham community, Western Washington University students, and the Bellingham School District.

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Contact: | (360)650-2133

Students for Renewable Energy (SRE)


Students for Renewable energy is an Associated Students club on Western Washington University's campus that promotes the use of "Green" energy usage in the local, national, and global community. Western's campus currently purchases 100 percent renewable energy through the use of Renewable Energy Certificates (REC's) and contributes to a student grant program to reduce Western's impact. Our biggest project this year has been with the Sustainable Action Fund. If you want to know more about the SAF see the tab on the sidebar. Come check out a meeting at 6pm on Tuesdays!

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Contact: | (541)760-8245
Meetings: 6-7PM, Tuesday, VU 462 B

Students for Social Change


Students for Social Change aims to bridge the gap between WWU students and the greater community by raising awareness of current social issues, volunteering and advocating for those in need.

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Contact: | (360)599-8514

Students for Sustainable Food (SSF)

SSF is dedicated to facilitating a campus wide movement to create change and bring awareness to our food system. We embrace food activism, food sovereignty, creating community food security, and educating students.

Meetings: 7PM, Tuesday, Humanitites 102

Students for Sustainable Water (SSW)


Students for Sustainable Water is a club dedicated to educating our campus and community about a variety of social and environmental issues related to water sustainability, both globally and locally, including international human rights, corporate ownership of water, the health of our local watershed, and the impact of bottled water. Our goals include improving sustainability on campus and providing service learning opportunities focused around Whatcom watershed. As a major step towards our goal of increasing sustainability, we have recently succeeded in our efforts to eliminate the sales of bottled water in campus markets, which should be in effect by Fall 2013.

Contact: | (907)980-2510
Meetings: 5-6PM, Monday, HU 102

Surf Rider


We are dedicated to the protection of the world's oceans, waves, and beaches for water and snow recreationists through water quality testing, education, environmental campaigns, beach cleanups,carpooling out to the coast or up to the mountains to play, and work on protecting what we love!

Contact: | (215)287-0043
Meetings: 6-7PM, every other Tuesday, AW 203

Students for Farmworker Justice

A coalition of over 150 students working with Familias Unidas por la Justicia in support of farm workers and their fight for just labor conditions. We are here acting in solidarity with Skagit County's farm workers, Familias Unidas por la Justicia, who organized a boycott over a year ago in protest of exploitative labor conditions they have endured while employed by Sakuma Brothers Berry Farms. This has been an ongoing struggle to secure a binding contract with their employer that will guarantee them more humane working conditions, living wages, no displacement in favor of using the H2A certification for hiring guest workers from other countries, and no retaliation for the strike. Please join us in our efforts to support the families who harvest our fruits and vegetables!

Contact: |
Meetings: 7-8PM, Tuesday, HU 103

Transition Western

Transition Western Is a group of students working under the umbrella of the global transition movement to help our community transition from an economy that is dependent upon fossil fuels and accelerating consumption of finite resources to a highly localized economy that uses renewable energy and local resources at sustainable rates, encourages skill sharing and trading over purchasing, and supports all members of the community.

Contact: | (215)287-0043

United States Green Building Council (USBGC)


We are a university-based group of students, from any and all disciplines, that come together to learn about how our careers and lifestyles can transform the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated. USGBC Students - WWU is open to all WWU students and is a chartered and officially recognized student group of the US Green Building Council. We encourage environmentally and socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous places that enhance and the quality of life of all the children of all species for all time.


Vikings for Fair Trade


Vikings for Fair Trade is a club to promote Fair Trade and inform people about the issues surrounding it. The mission of Vikings of Fair Trade is: To promote Fair Trade as a movement and a product on Western's campus and in the greater Bellingham community; To empower students to spend ethically; To provide students with affordable, practical Fair Trade options; To inform students about injustices in the global trade system; To monitor the purchasing decisions of WWU and encourage socially responsible alternatives.


WWU Hybrid Team

This club is to get students more involved with the automotive program here at Western and for the program to continue to be one of the top programs in the nation. We will be working on two cars that were built here at Western by students, to improve on them throughout the year. There is also a Hybrid Bus Team on campus that was awarded a $730,000 grant to Western Washington University (WWU) from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to design a fuel efficient hybrid bus that will incorporate lightweight materials and aerodynamic features to improve fuel economy over current buses in production.

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Contact: | (360)650-3045

WWU Wildlife Conservation Corps

WWU Wildlife Conservation Corps is a WWU AS Organization in which spreads awareness of endangered species and works to help support local and global animal conservation programs. Club members would have the opportunity to learn more about the animal species around them and understand their place in our ecosystems. In addition, through events, fundraisers, field trips, and guest appearances; members would have the opportunity to learn about how to promote the sustainability and preservation of animal species on the brink of extinction. This Organization allows students to come together supporting their beliefs and passions for the planet's biodiversity. WCC is a fun, educational, and ambitious organization, striving to save our endangered species from disappearing from our world.

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Contact: | (360)609-9136

Young Contributors of


We are an online publication focusing on the vitality of the NW's dirt, water, air, flora, fauna, and ideas. We get experts to share their knowledge of our environment and natural resources with the young generation. We are looking to connect with like minded folks interested in making a difference.

Contact: | (360)756-7019

Off-Campus Organizations

Growing Veterans


Acknowledging the many issues that veterans face: unemployment, homelessness, suicide, divorce and depression – we believe that in most cases the root cause of these issues is isolation. Isolated from the peers they served with, from family and friends, from the community as a whole, it can be difficult for a veteran to remain resilient and get the proper support they need. Growing Veterans provides a place where veterans can get together in support of a positive and worthy cause, allowing them to experience an informal peer-support setting, while also encouraging them to use skills gained in the military or school to support the broader community. While working in the fields we talk about our wartime experience, issues we’re having gaining access to the VA, struggles we face in school using the GI Bill, suicide, politics, medications… we even laugh and poke fun at each other, sometimes ruthlessly, because that’s what camaraderie is all about. After all, most of us are vets. Growing Veterans is a non-profit organization sponsored by Growing Washington.

Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contact: | (541)243-3516

RE Sources for Sustainable Communities


RE Sources is a non-profit environmental education organization founded in 1982 as Bellingham Community Recycling. We build healthy communities by promoting and supporting waste reduction; advocating for clean water, air and energy; empowering schools to reduce their carbon footprint and putting sustainability tools into your hands.

Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contact: | (360)733-8307

Sustainable Bellingham

Sustainable Bellingham

Sustainable Bellingham is a group of individuals that aims to educate people and assist organizations that share a common concern for the health of our community.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Sustainable Connections

Sustainable Connections

To be the local forum where businesses come together to transform and model an economy built on sustainable practices. We work with local, independently owned businesses that have the autonomy to make any transformational change in their business that they can imagine… reexamining where we buy goods and services, how we consume energy, grow and distribute our food, build homes, and even, how we define success in business. Sustainable Connections is supporting a community of innovators in green building, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, supporting independent businesses in town centers, and mentoring a new breed of entrepreneurs that have designed their business with a sustainable vision.

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Contact: (360)647-7093