Bottled Water Free Initiative

The Bottled Water Free initiative is a collaborative effort to raise awareness about water issues and eliminate bottled water sales across Western's campus.

Current Status

WWU Bottled Water Free Commitment (April 2014)

Bottled Water Ban - Official Press Release (March 2014)

After many campus discussions surrounding the issue of bottled water at Western, the University has decided to eliminate bottled water sales as soon as is practically possible. A task force was formed (The Committee) to implement the decision in a manner that is effective and inclusive. To this end, the following objectives guide the Committee’s efforts:

  1. Students, faculty, and staff will be engaged in the implementation.
  2. To implement the decision and supporting objectives by April 1, 2014.
  3. Stakeholders (those receiving beverage commissions/rebates) will be engaged early in the process.
  4. The Committee will ensure that alternatives to the sale of bottled water on campus are explored and communicated.
  5. The Committee will develop an education plan that includes the intent of the decision, background about bottled water at WWU, alternatives to bottled water, and the role bottled water plays in a global context.
  6. The Committee will develop a public relations plan that will include the above-mentioned educational elements, will incorporate various mediums/media, and will have a timeline identifying the public relations events.


With inspiration from Fairhaven's, Right to Water class, and the Campus Sustainability Planning Studio, students at Western started a bottled water free initiative in 2011 by founding the Associated Student club, Students for Sustainable Water (SSW). The students in SSW began raising awareness across campus about water issues, applied through the Sustainable Action Fund to install three hydration stations, and in 2012 worked to get eliminating the sale and distribution of bottled water on the AS ballot, successfully gaining 73% of voting student support. With this recommendation from the student body, the AS Board helped move the initiative forward by reaching out to faculty and staff across campus, supporting the signatures of Huxley College of the Environment and Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies to a Bottled Water Free Pledge. The AS Board also voted to support an AS policy to eliminate funding and consumption of bottled water for all AS affiliated events. In a memorandum from the Director of University Residences in June, 2013 the administration of WWU officially announced their intention to end the sale of bottled water at Western as soon as practically possible. Below are flyers from previous events:

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