Below is a list of current sustainability-related jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.

Office of Sustainability Employment


The Office of Sustainability employs skilled students who help make Western a leader in campus sustainability. The office looks for people who:

  • Are committed to the pursuit of campus sustainability,
  • Can work for at least one year, and
  • If applying for a work-study funded position, have been awarded work study funds. See WWU Work Study Jobs (On-Campus)

Available Positions:

Energy Monitoring Outreach Assistant, Campus Outreach Engagement Assistant,
Graphic Designer, Media Coordinator,
ResRAP Assistant, SAF Projects Coordinator, Zero Waste Assistant

Energy Monitoring Outreach Assistant

The Energy Monitoring Outreach Assistant supports campus energy monitoring efforts, with specific focus on the Dashboard energy monitoring project funded by the Sustainable Action Fund. The position will be jointly managed by the Office of Sustainability and Facilities Management. The position acts as a direct contact with students, staff, and faculty on campus, providing information about, and promoting, the Dashboard energy monitoring project. Position responsibilities include marketing, communications, program development, record-keeping and event production. The Assistant also engages in the development, promotion, and improvement of relationships with campus sustainability partners, and identifies and supports relationships with new and potential collaborators.

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Campus Outreach Engagement Assistant

The Campus Conservation Program Assistant supports the Campus Conservation Program Manager. Position responsibilities include marketing, communications, program development, record-keeping, and event production. The position acts as a direct contact with students, staff, and faculty on campus, providing public information and personalized customer service, performing research, conducting energy inventories, and assisting staff in offices throughout campus to achieve Sustainable Office Certification.

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Graphic Designer

This position is involved in creating design solutions for the Office of Sustainability that have a high visual impact. The Graphic Designer is expected to create various digital and print designs while maintaining an appealing ‘sustainability brand’ for Western Washington University. This position will help produce digital graphics for the web and assist the webmaster with crafting the OS website. Other duties include assisting in communicating with other staff to interpret their visual needs; develop creative ideas and concepts, and choose an appropriate style that is agreed upon and meets their objectives; report back to staff with updates on the progress of a design project; coordinate print projects with Print & Copy Services; help create print-ready layouts for easy printing and cropping when appropriate.

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Media Coordinator

This position assists in the management and support of the Office of Sustainability media operations. The Media Coordinator is expected to assist in technical and creative functions in the creation and management of media for both website, social media and press releases. Other duties include assisting in the management of media for Office of Sustainability programs; minor debugging/troubleshooting issues that may arise with social media; monitor social media analytics; direct the flow of on campus, local and global news in relationship to the goals and objectives of the Office of Sustainability; strategically and efficiently create comprehensive media plans for staff and programs and help supervise them until completion; distribute well-written and visually-pleasing emails to large on-campus distribution lists; create graphics for media in line with provided graphics by the graphic designer; analyze results of media efforts and develop measures of success; assist in the execution of comprehensive media plans; maintain and update office event calendar for in office, campus, and related local events; work with student graphic designer and webmaster to ensure OS website is well designed.

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ResRAP Assistant

The Residents’ Resource Awareness Program (ResRAP) Assistant works with the ResRAP Coordinator to increase on campus support of sustainability among WWU’s 4,100 on-campus residents. The ResRAP works to increase conservation in residence halls and help residents take a lead role in the movement towards a Zero Waste campus. The ResRAP Assistant works closely with Eco Reps, motivated student volunteers working to further sustainability and resource awareness in their own residence hall. The ResRAP Program Assistant works out of the WWU Office of Sustainability and reports to the ResRAP Coordinator.

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SAF Projects Coordinator

The Sustainable Action Fund (SAF) Projects Coordinator helps manage, implement, and monitor the performance of projects funded by the SAF. In addition, this position helps promote the SAF and the benefits and opportunities it provides to the campus community. This position is responsible for managing implementation tasks for various SAF projects; building partnerships between SAF and relevant parties; planning and representing the SAF at events; and creating outreach opportunities. The position works closely with the SAF Grant Program Coordinator, SAF Education Coordinator, and other programs within the Office of Sustainability, Associated Students, and the broader campus community.

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Zero Waste Assistant

The Zero Waste Assistant assists the Zero Waste Coordinator in collaborating with the WWU community to provide responsible waste sorting education and implement facilities changes to reduce waste. The Zero Waste Assistant works with various organizations including AS clubs, Academic Custodial Services, Dining Services and the City of Bellingham to reduce waste produced on and off campus. By increasing awareness of the environmental, social and economic impacts of waste, the Zero Waste Assistant performs a variety of multidisciplinary tasks to educate Western on the benefits of waste reduction. Such tasks include project management, data collection, event planning, report writing, educational classroom presentations, social media, and marketing.

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Off-Campus Employment


Alliance to Save Energy is seeking people interested in energy efficiency. Although the Alliance is headquartered in Washington, D.C., they have staff and offices around the globe, including Seattle, California, India and Ukraine. The non-profit Alliance to Save Energy ( promotes energy efficiency worldwide to achieve a healthier economy, a cleaner environment, and greater energy security.

Industry Jobs


RE Sources is a non-profit environmental education and advocacy organization. Their mission is to promote sustainable communities through recycling, education, advocacy, and the conservation of natural resources. As part of their mission, RE Sources operates a variety of education and advocacy programs in addition to two retail stores that collect and sell used building materials. They offers internship opportunities on a quarterly basis. Internships vary from season to season, but usually include a combination of office, education and advocacy work.

RE Sources Internships | Re Sources Employment

Sustainable Bellingham

Sustainable Bellingham is a 501(c)3 organization with a history of over six years in Bellingham. They have a loose organizational hierarchy and put every effort into maximizing our participation in action-oriented events in the community. They are 100% volunteer. Projects center around community-building and low-impact lifestyles, and include re-localization, urban gardening, permaculture, alternative transportation, social justice, etc. Projects are usually comprised of 2-3 leads who organize the events. To volunteer on a project, email Sara Charette at

Sustainable Bellingham Projects and Getting Involved

Cloud Mountain Farm Center

Cloud Mountain Farm Center is a working farm located in Everson, WA, with rich learning opportunities for beginning and experienced farmers and gardeners. They offer paid internships for those wanting to learn the business of farming, and many learning opportunities for gardeners wanting to expand their knowledge. For decades they've run trials of fruit, ornamental, and, more recently, vegetable plants for suitability to Northwest gardens and farms. They also test growing systems to extend the seasons and push the boundaries of the possibilities for growing in our maritime climate.

Academic Internships | Farmer Internships