University-wide Reports

Western Sustainability Report (2010-2011)
Executive summary, sustainability metrics, and reports on eleven dimensions of sustainability at WWU.

Western Sustainability Report (2008)
WWU's first comprehensive sustainability overview.

Department Reports

University Dining and Catering Services Sustainability Newsletter (June 2014)
This is a report done by the Dining and Catering Services on campus about their efforts to be as sustainable as possible.

Western Libraries Sustainability Evaluation (March 2013)
This is the report written by Clarissa Mansfield, who is both a library staffer and Huxley grad student, wrote as part of an ESTU 575 course.

Draft White Paper (April 2011)
Committee Report on the Sustainability Institute Initiative at Western Washington University.

Environmental Health & Safety Report (Spring 2011)
The spring 2011 issue highlights ways in which the Western community can keep stormwater runoff free of contaminates and introduces emergency management grant employees Holly Woll-Salkeld and Jonah Stinson to the campus community.

WWU Dining Services: "Delivering on the Experience" (Fall 2010)
Page 13 of this report shows how University Dining Services has significantly increased the amount of fresh, seasonal produce we purchase from Growing Washington. Page 14 examines how University Dining Services is using the "Real Food Challenge" as a standard way to measure sustainable food purchases. (The Real Food Challenge started as a class project of the Campus Planning Studio in 2009).

State-wide Reports

Pathway to GHG Emissions Reduction in Washington State Government (January 2011)
The GHG Report was published by the Washington State Department of Ecology and is a look at the progress of Washington State agencies working to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.


Western Sustainability Newsletter
Western Sustainability is active journalism brought to you by the Office of Sustainability.

ResRAP Newsletter
Residents' Resource Awareness Program (ResRAP) Newsletter.

Sustainable Transportation Newsletter (Spring 2014) | (Spring 2012) | (Winter 2011)
This newsletter includes the latest articles, transportation tips, and events surrounding WWU's support on the use of alternative, sustainable transportation.

University Dining Services Sustainability Newsletter (Febraury 2014)
(June 2013) | (November 2012) | (May 2012)
This newsletter includes stories on recent developments in dining at Western, future opportunities to get more sustainable food on campus, local only recipes of the month and local spotlights.