Students can get involved in campus sustainability in a number of ways:

  1. Learn about the Sustainability-Related Courses and Degrees that Western offers.
  2. Connect to one of the many student-run Sustainability Clubs and Organizations on campus.
  3. Participate in Campus Sustainability Events.
  4. Get funding for a sustainability project through the Sustainable Action Fund or send us
    your ideas on how to make the campus more sustainable.
  5. Walk, bike, ride the bus or share a ride to school to support Sustainable Student Transportation.
  6. Encourage your college department to become a part of the Sustainable Office Certification Program.
  7. Become a part of the Western Sustainability Committee.

Sustainability-Related Courses and Degrees


Western offers both sustainability-focused and sustainability-related courses. These courses are offered in many different colleges and departments, including Huxley College of Environmental Studies, Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies, Woodring College of Education, Environmental Studies, Accounting, Economics, Geology, Marketing, Political Science, Materials Science, and many others. Courses are listed per instructor assessment of sustainability content within each course.

Western also offers many degrees focused on or related to the principles of sustainability. They include:

  • Energy Policy Minor
  • Sustainable Design Minor
  • Urban Planning and Sustainable Development Major
  • Economics/Environmental Studies Major
  • Environmental Science Major/Minor
  • Environmental Education Major/Minor
  • Environmental Policy Major/Minor
  • Environmental Studies Major/Minor
  • Environmental Studies – Elementary Major

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Sustainability Clubs and Organizations

Would you like to help Western along the road to sustainability or get connected to off-campus organizations? WWU and the Belligham Community hosts many student groups and organizations that promote ecological protection, social equity, human health, and economies that work for people.
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Campus Sustainability Events

Western Sustainability Calendar:


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Sustainable Action Fund

The Sustainable Action Fund (SAF) is a student-initiated, quarterly fee paid by all Western Washington University students to reduce the campus' environmental impact and engage the campus community in environmental awareness.

The SAF Grant Program provides funding to innovative, student-driven projects focused on promoting experiential learning opportunities and sustainable practices at Western Washington University. The SAF Grant Program is managed by the Office of Sustainability and the AS Environmental and Sustainability Programs. Students, staff and faculty are all eligible to apply for grant funding. Projects funded through the SAF Grant Program aim to:

  • Increase Student Involvement and Education
  • Reduce the University's Environmental Impact
  • Create an Aware & Engaged Campus Community

Looking for project ideas? We have a few! Check out our list of Small Project Ideas for some great ideas to get you started.

Do you have a project idea? Share it with us! We often have students who are looking for the perfect morsel of inspiration to get started.
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Sustainable Student Transportation


The goal is to enable students to live a full college experience without owning a personal vehicle.
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Sustainable Office Certification Program

Ask your college office to be part of the Sustainable Office Certification Program!

Sustainable Office Certification reduces costs, protects the environment, conserves resources and promotes fairness, safety and health. The program supports actions and provides a simple way of measuring efforts that happen at the office level. Participating Offices are recognized for their level of achievement, as a way of showing thanks and appreciation for measurement of work well done.
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Western Sustainability Committee

The WWU Sustainability Committee was created in April of 2005 to further WWU's strategic goal of campus sustainability. The Sustainability Committee is composed of faculty, staff and students, who share a desire to protect local and global ecology, uphold social equity, create economic vitality, and maintain human health.

Want to get involved in planning for campus sustainability at Western? Become part of the Western Sustainability Committee! Contact the Committee for more information.
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