As defined by the WWU Sustainability Committee, a sustainable WWU:
Protects local and global ecology, upholds social equity,
creates economic vitality, and maintains human health.

The Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability is Western's hub for campus sustainability. The "OS" is dedicated to helping WWU achieve its strategic goal of campus sustainability by integrating sustainability into operations, academics, research, and outreach through several mechanisms:

  • Advising & Collaboration:
    • Working with Western's executive management and Sustainability Committee and to identify campus sustainability goals
    • Acting as a liaison on campus between departments to advance sustainability initiatives, and working with campuses regionally and nationally on sustainability efforts
    • Building connections between campus and the greater Bellingham community

  • Program and Projects:
    • Identifying and initiating programmatic opportunities for Western
    • Managing projects and programs to achieve campus sustainability goals

  • Education & Media:
    • Integrating sustainability into WWU's academics, student life, and campus culture by encouraging faculty, staff, and students to understand the environmental, social, economic and human health consequences of their actions
    • Advancing knowledge of sustainability by facilitating faculty, staff, and students to research aspects of campus sustainability
    • Publicizing campus sustainability activities to on and off-campus audiences

  • Metrics & Reporting:

History & Accomplishments

The Office of Sustainability was founded in 2007 through the efforts of former Business and Financial Affairs Vice President George Pierce, former Dean of Huxley College, Brad Smith, and M.Ed student Seth Vidana. Since its inception, the Office of Sustainability has initiated and/or manages many of the current sustainability programs on campus, including:

  • Resident Resource Awareness Program (2007)
  • Zero Waste Western (2009)
  • 10x12 Program (2010)
  • Real Food Challenge (2010)
  • Viking Supported Agriculture (2010)
  • Northwest Higher Education Sustainability Consortium (2010)
  • Sustainable Action Fund (2010)
  • Revolving Energy Fund (2011)
  • Campus-wide Energy Savings Company Retrofits (2011)
  • Sustainable Office Certification Program (2012)