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The Western Sustainability Newsletter was a pilot journalism project of Western masters student Andrew Allison, brought to you by the Office of Sustainability. The Newsletter covers issues of campus sustainability, and seeks to promote resource stewardship for a healthy and diverse society. Journalism students interested in continuing the newsletter are encouraged to contact the Office of Sustainability.

Volume 1.3: March 2012

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Glimpsing the Ghost in the Machine
For anyone who is wondering just exactly who are the people that help Western move forward as a sustainable institution...

Bellingham Urban Garden Syndicate
Nick Spring is a recent graduate from Western's Fairhaven College and former Coordinator for the AS Outback gardens...

Exhausting Our Resources
Western is currently investing in a "Lab Exhaust Fan Analysis using dispersion modeling to find optimum fan configurations to meet air quality design criteria," says a pamphlet...

2-Degree Turn-Down Saves $32,000

A multi-strategy energy reduction program, referred to as the 2-Degree Turn Down, is underway at Western...

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Volume 1.2: February 2012

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2-Degree Set Back
During November and December, Facilities Management implemented a 2-degree setback pilot program in several buildings on campus...

Sustainability Week Awards
This past October saw the completion of Western's 3rd Annual Sustainability Week...

Green Games
Western Viking Athletics, the AS Recycle Center, and the Office of Sustainability are teaming up to make all home basketball games "Green Games" this season, with an emphasis on waste reduction...

Graph: Employee Transportation Mode Share 2010

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Volume 1.1: November 2011

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The Energy Savings Company
Facilities Management and the Office of Sustainability are actively preparing for and responding to new challenges in climate regulation, efficient technologies research, and applications for responsible and appropriate energy consumption...

Five Colleges, Four Goals
Northwest Higher Education Sustainability Consortium: a long name, nice sounding words, but not a tongue-twister. It is actually a fairly simple educational design founded by five regional institutions of higher learning...

Western's Guardians
Custodian: "One who has custody of a thing or person; a guardian."...

Graph: Total University eCO2 Emissions by Year

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