Western Sustainability Goal: Purchase products that minimize energy use, maximize recycled materials, and are safe for campus users.

Western Central Stores

Central Stores

Central Stores is committed to procuring recycled commodities for WWU. Approximately 90% of Central Store's inventory contains recycled material. Copy, printer and janitorial papers contain between 30-100% post-consumer waste materials. All janitorial cleaning products are Green-Seal approved.

Central Stores also stocks and encourages the use of quality, recycled printer cartridges. All used cartridges are collected and returned to cartridge suppliers to be recycled. 100% of Western's computer purchases are EPEAT gold certified. This includes desktop and laptop computers as well as monitors. Office Depot—Central Stores' office supplies vendor—encourages and emphasizes the purchase and use of recycled products, and offers Western competitive pricing on recycled goods.

Central Stores is also working towards consolidating delivery services to end-users and centralizing vendor deliveries to campus in an effort to reduce traffic and increase pedestrian safety at WWU.

Program Contact: John Zuzarte, Central Stores Manager,

Belkin Conserve Products


Belkin’s Conserve product line has a number of energy-reduction tools to help monitor the operating and environmental costs of everyday items in your office. It can be eye-opening to observe these numbers, especially for those products that are continually in use. Belkin has a 90 day return policy for products. More information on the products listed below is available on their website.

The Office of Sustainability has a Conserve Insight watt-meter available for rent, which provides information on a product’s CO2 emissions per year, operating cost per year and real-time wattage. Email to see if the meter is currently available for rental.

If you’d like to purchase a Belkin product for use in your office there are two possible routes for ordering. You can order the product online through their website or, if you already order from Keeney’s, you can add the Belkin products to your usual order. The price breakdown for both is below. These prices are current for the next 30 days and may fluctuate slightly after that.

(Note: the Keeney’s order becomes more affordable when a certain minimum order amount is met for the product. Contact the Office of Sustainability to see if there are other offices also requesting these products. We may be able to get this bulk discount.)

Product Descriptions and Pricing:


Conserve Power Switch
Helps eliminate the energy suck from devices drawing standby-power when not in use, featuring a handy shut off switch on the side.
     Belkin Price: $7 ($16.25 with tax & shipping)
     Single order from Keeney’s: $15.99 + tax
     Bulk order from Keeney’s (8+): $10.79 each + tax


Conserve Socket
Reduces stand-by power and features an automatic shutoff. Can be set for a 30 minute, 3 hour or 6 hour interval, ensuring devices aren’t left on indefinitely.
     Belkin Price: $10 ($19.50 with tax & shipping)
     Single order from Keeney’s: $19.59 + tax
     Bulk order from Keeney’s (20+): $16.52 each + tax

Conserve Insight
Energy use monitor with a meter that displays the cost of operation, CO2 production through energy generation and number of watts used.
     Belkin Price: $30 ($41.25 with tax & shipping)
     Single order from Keeney’s: $55.94 + tax
     Bulk order from Keeney’s (3+): $45.20 each + tax