Western Sustainability Goal: Eliminate landfill waste through reducing, reusing, recycling, and rethinking.

Zero Waste Western

zero waste

Zero Waste Western is a campaign to tie together the many waste reduction measures as Western. Zero Waste Western aims to eliminate all recyclable and compostable waste from the WWU waste stream. Through education, operational changes and peer education, WWU will become a "zero waste" institution.
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Contact: Gwen Larned, Zero Waste Western Coordinator,

WWU Recycling Center


In 1971, Western Washington University became one of the first universities in the United States to have a campus recycling program. The A.S. Recycle Center continues to be unique among its kind: it's student - run! Every day, the A.S. Recycle Center collects 3,800 pounds of recyclables from Western's campus and almost a million lbs. annually. The Recycle Center is continuing Western's commitment to reducing its waste stream and lightening our burden on the environment.
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Contact: Richard Neyer, WWU Recycle Center Manager,

Electronics Recycling


The following vendors we use for electronics and rechargeable batteries recycling and disposal hold the E-Steward certification. These vendors are:

  • ECS Refining - This company has recycled a majority if not all of Western's electronics that has gone through the Surplus process since 2007. Through the Apple e-waste program, Apple has paid for the transportation and recycling/ disposal of Western's e-waste. The Certificate of Recycling that we receive comes from ECS Recycling. ECS Recycling is on the e-Stewards Recycler listing.
  • Call2Recycle - Known for a long time as RBRC (Rechargeable Battery and Recycling Corp), EHS has shipped Western's rechargeable batteries to Call2Recycle for recycling. Call2Recycle is also on the e-Stewards Recycler listing.
  • Total Reclaim - Total Reclaim is the sister company of Ecolights NW. Ecolights holds the WA State contract for electronics recycling. When Western is unable to recycle electronics through the Apple program as stated above, the other responsible option is to recycle through Ecolights. Total Reclaim is on the e-Stewards Recycler listing.

For hazardous waste and non-rechargeable batteries, Western uses Clean Harbors (they are not on the e-Stewards list but holds the WA State Contract for disposal of hazardous waste).

WWU seeks to minimize the presence of hazardous, universal and non-regulated waste materials on campus by providing an annual Pollution Prevention report to the Department of Ecology. The University works with the DOE to create attainable goals within certain time frames. These goals include reducing chemical use, substitution of highly hazardous chemicals with less hazardous chemicals, and education outreach.

WWU Facilities Management also uses Ecolights NW for recycling and disposal of Western's fluorescent lamps.


Contact: Gayle Shipley, Environmental Health and Safety Director,


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