Western Sustainability Goal: Reduce potable water consumption and increase non-potable water use.

Bottled Water Free Initiative

Students For Sustainable Water

The Bottled Water Free initiative is a collaborative effort to raise awareness about water issues and eliminate bottled water sales across Western's campus. Western Washington University ended the sale and distribution of bottled water on campus on April 1, 2014, an effort initiated by students to enhance sustainability at Western. Western now is the largest college or university, public or private, in the state of Washington to end the sale of bottled water on its campus.
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2011-2013 Energy Services Performance Contract

Beginning in April 2012, energy savings company McKinstry began energy conservation work on 21 academic buildings, four residence halls, and Wade King Recreation Center. Lighting controls, energy efficient lamps, attic insulation, heating & ventilation upgrades, and water conservation measures will result in these savings campus-wide:

  • Annual savings of $244,000 in year one
  • Carbon emissions reduction of 7.8%
  • Natural gas reduction of 8%
  • Water consumption reduction of 8%
  • Electrical consumption reduction of 7.5%

Facilities Development: Energy Services Performance Contract (ESCO)


Contact: Seth Vidana, Sustainability Manager,

Storm Water Management Program

Storm Water Management Program

Beginning in 2007, WWU, in concert with the Washington State Department of Ecology, implemented a Storm Water Management Program (SWMP) with the expressed purpose of reducing the discharge of pollutants from Western's storm water system to the maximum extent practicable and to protect the water quality of out-flowing waterways.


Contact: David Sherwood, Facilities Manager, Facilities Management,

Water Bottle Refilling Stations


Funded by the Sustainable Action Fund, this project lead to the installation of 3 water bottle refilling stations, one in each of the following buildings: Old Main, Arntzen Hall and the Wade King Rec Center in order to promote the use of reusable water bottles.


Students For Sustainable Water

Students For Sustainable Water

Students for Sustainable Water is a club dedicated to educating our campus and community about a variety of social and environmental issues related to water sustainability, both globally and locally, including international human rights, corporate ownership of water, the health of our local watershed, and the impact of bottled water. Our goals include banning bottled water on campus and providing service learning opportunities focused around whatcom watershed.


Contact: Student for Sustainable Water,

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