10x12: More Than A Goal

10x12 is a strategic program of the President's Climate Commitment and the WWU Climate Action Plan. Named for the goal of a 10-percent reduction in electricity, natural gas and water consumption and landfill waste production by the end of 2012, 10x12 is an umbrella banner for efforts that coordinate, educate and implement utility reduction throughout campus. Projects and programs include operational changes through in-house and external based building systems efficiency improvements, and behavior change programs through integrated sustainability awareness, education and action.

Preliminary 10x12 Results

Early results for the 10x12 Program include a 9 percent drop in electricity use, a 4 percent drop in natural gas consumption, and a 20 percent drop in water use between 2008-2012. (Full report to be released by June 30th.)


DOWNLOAD: FY08-FY15 Academic Electricity, Natural Gas, & Water Use Trends

For more information on the importance of conservation, see detailed information below.

Focus Areas: Electricity | Natural Gas | Water | Zero Waste

Operational: Energy Services Performance Contract (ESCO)

As a part of 10x12, beginning in April 2012, energy savings company McKinstry began energy conservation work on 21 academic buildings, four residence halls, and Wade King Recreation Center. Lighting controls, energy efficient lamps, attic insulation, heating & ventilation upgrades, and water conservation measures will result in these savings campus-wide:

  • Annual savings of $244,000 in year one
  • Carbon emissions reduction of 7.8%
  • Natural gas reduction of 8%
  • Water consumption reduction of 8%
  • Electrical consumption reduction of 7.5%

Facilities Development: Energy Services Performance Contract (ESCO)

Contact: Seth Vidana, Sustainability Manager,

Operational: 68°F Turndown

68 turndown

Through the 10x12 effort, many academic buildings were set at a 68 degree setpoint in the winter of 2012, resulting in significant natural gas conservation and $32,000 in monetary savings beginning in the winter of 2011.

Learn more about staying comfortable during the winter months through the Sweater Days program.

Behavioral: Green Office Tools

green offices

Behavior change was an integral aspect of the 10x12, with staff throughout the university supporting campus sustainability through these channels, available to all university employees:



Current Location

10x12 Program


Carol Berry, Campus Conservation Program Manager | (360)650-7979