Sustainable Office Certification: Certified Offices

Offices that complete Sustainable Office Certification receive a framed certificate acknowledging their success and are recognized at the annual Western Sustainability Awards reception. View the introductory presentation, and read the 3-step certification process to get involved.

In each department, a volunteer Facilitator completed the SOC scoresheet, scoring the office for actions already in place and actions initiated during the certification process. Each action is valued at 1-6 points, according to cost, impact, and required effort. Additional points were earned for innovative actions developed by and adopted as standard practice within the office or department.

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Platinum Level Offices

Level Score: 120 or more

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Teaching-Learning Academy (2 staff, 8 students)
SO Facilitator: Shevell Thibou; Director: Carmen Werder/Student Co-Facilitators: Simon Bakke, Caroline Dallstream, Kali Legg
Action Score: 136 - Read More
Read the story of their success here.

Woodring College of Education Extension, University Center at Everett Community College (7 staff/instructors)
SO Facilitators: Britta Eschete; Program Assistant
Action Score: 129 - Read More
Read the story of their success here.

Human Resources (21 staff)
SO Facilitators: Amanda Ingram, Jocylynn Kelley; Supervisor: Nick Sanchez
Action Score: 127 - Read More

Huxley College of the Environment, Main Office/Dean's Office (7 staff, 5 student staff)
SO Facilitators: Kathryn Patrick
Action Score: 126 - Read More

Biology Stockroom (5 staff/instructors)
SO Facilitators: Peter Thut, Kendra Bradford
Action Score: 121 - Read More
Read the story of their success here.


Gold Level Offices

Level Score: 90-119

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Tutoring Center(2 staff, 60 student staff)
SO Facilitator: Katrina Buckman
Action Score: 116 - Read More

Business & Financial Affairs(10 staff)
SO Facilitators: Mary Seaton; Supervisor: V.P. Rich Van Den Hul
Action Score: 114 - Read More

Psychology Office(4 staff, 4 student staff)
SO Facilitators: Mike Valente, Andrea Swanson
Action Score: 112 - Read More

Woodring College of Education, Dean's Office12 staff
SO Facilitators: Miranda Myers Barker; Supervisor: Carole Teshima
Action Score: 110 - Read More

Financial Aid Department (23 staff, 31 student staff)
SO Facilitators: Kathleen Nolan, Program Coordinator, and Marye Scott, Student Employee
Action Score: 109 - Read More

Environmental Science (3 staff)
SO Facilitator: Bonnie Drewes
Action Score: 108 - Read More

International Programs & Exchanges(4 staff, 12 student staff)
SO Facilitators: Hannah Nevitt, Dan Lindeman, Laurie Nesheim; Supervisor: Krista Mantello
Action Score: 107 - Read More

Center For Service Learning (4 staff, 3 student staff)
SO Facilitator: Assistant Director, Travis Tennessen
Action Score: 106 - Read More

University Advancement Services (4 staff, 5 student staff)
SO Facilitator: Jennifer Hoover; Supervisor: Donna Janigo
Action Score: 102 - Read More

The Office of University Communcations and Marketing(9 staff, 6 student staff)
SO Facilitator: Jemma Everyhope-Roser
Action Score: 100 - Read More

Environmental Health & Safety (9 staff, 4 student staff)
SO Facilitator: Sue Sullivan; Supervisor: Gayle Shipley; Division: Business & Financial Affairs
Action Score: 99 - Read More

Western Associated Students Bookstore
SO Facilitator: Peg Godwin
Action Score: 97 - Read More

Provost's Office (20 staff, 6 student staff)
SO Facilitator: Melinda Assink; Supervisor: Catherine Riordan, VP for Academic Affairs
Action Score: 94 - Read More

Web Communications Technology (5 staff, 6 student staff)
SO Facilitator: Max Bronsema
Action Score: 93 - Read More

Facilities Development & Capital Budget (18 staff)
SO Facilitators: MaryLynn Dawe; Supervisor: Diana Rosen; Director: Rick Benner
Action Score: 91 - Read More

Underground Coffeehouse (1 staff, 11 student staff)
SO Facilitators: Kim Masser
Action Score: 90 - Read More


Silver Level Offices

Level Score: 70-89

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Western Libraries Circulation (5 staff, 10 student staff)
SO Facilitator: Clarissa Mansfield; Supervisor: Kim Marsicek
Action Score: 85 - Read More

Map Collection (1 staff, 3 student staff)
SO Facilitators: Dennis Matthews
Action Score: 79 - Read More

Department of Public Safety(27 staff)
SO Facilitators: Sergeant Ron Carpenter
Action Score: 76 - Read More

WWU Dining Services Viking Commons Office (4 staff)
SO Facilitators: Abbie Abramovich
Action Score: 75 - Read More

Extended Education(60 staff)
SO Facilitators: David Crook
Action Score: 73 - Read More


Bronze Level Office(s)

Level Score: 50-69

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AS Board of Directors (11 student staff)
SO Facilitator: Max Zentner
Action Score: 61 - Read More

2015 Sustainable Office Certifications in Progress

  • University Bookstore
    SO Facilitator: Martha Bartlett; Supervisor: Peg Godwin
  • Library Special Collections
    SO Facilitator: Paul Piper
  • Library Administration
    SO Facilitator: Clarissa Mansfield



Carol Berry, Campus Conservation Program Manager | (360)650-7979

Jacquelyn Stenman
Campus Conservation/SOC Outreach Assistant