Sustainable Office Certification: Scoresheet


[ Download The Scoresheet ]

How To Use The Scoresheet

First, complete the "User Information" tab. Then click on the "Prerequisites" tab and enter a "Yes" for each credit your office is in compliance with. Next, go to each of the tabs – Energy, Waste, Transportation, Participation, and Purchasing. Consider whether your office currently meets the listed action, choose the most appropriate answer from the drop down menu. Some answers will require entering a number. You will not be able to edit any other cells except those that are highlighted.

Points will be totaled automatically on the "checklist" tab so that users will be able to see which certification level your office qualifies for. Submit your scorecard by saving it with your office mailstop in the name, and return it to me as an attachment, to



Carol Berry, Campus Conservation Program Manager | (360)650-7979

Jacquelyn Stenman
Campus Conservation/SOC Outreach Assistant