Mission Statement

Residents' Resource Awareness Program (ResRAP)

ResRAP is dedicated to reducing Western's resource consumption through our commitment to training, assisting, and advising Eco Reps, who are peer educators and leaders living in the residence halls. By training Eco Reps on aspects of sustainability, they will be able to open a positive, informative dialogue with their residents—increasing awareness of the many changes residents can make in their daily lives to reduce their personal consumption. ResRAP wishes to broaden sustainable education at Western through residence hall and campus wide events, providing resources for furthering the sustainable practices of residents during both their stay on campus and for the rest of their lives.

ResRAP's Vision

To put Western at the national forefront of residence hall sustainability.

ResRAP's Strategic Goals

  1. Expand compost to all of the residence halls.
  2. Adopt a new pilot program every year.
  3. Make ResRAP a well-recognized program on campus.
  4. Uphold sustainable living on campus.