Eco Rep Forms

Please use these forms only if you are an Eco Rep.
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Required Eco Rep Forms | Door-to-Door Planning | Program Planning | Event Evaluation

Program Check List

  1. Brainstorm and formulate the program with fellow Eco Reps. Have a set topic, objective of the program, date and time.
  2. E-mail to double check date availability.
  3. Share your program idea with your RD for approval.
  4. Make sure your program does not conflict with ANY other program in your hall.
  5. Submit a formal funding request to your Hall Council, if funding is required.
  6. Once approved by RD, submit the Program Planning Form for a final approval. Programs that are put on without first submitting the form will not receive credit for the program.
  7. Have an awesome event and take lots of pictures!
  8. Once the program has taken place, submit the Event Evaluation Form with your fellow Eco Reps and any other co-sponsors, along with your pictures. Event Evaluations are due within 2 weeks of when your program took place in order to receive credit for that program.

View Past Events for program ideas!