Eco Rep Profiles

An Eco Rep is a leader within their community who works as a liaison between the Office of Sustainability and their fellow residents to foster and promote more sustainable living. Eco Reps attend peer-to-peer sustainability education trainings and broaden their knowledge via student club involvement and student government programs. Throughout the year the Eco Reps and the ResRAP staff present educational workshops and programs in order to teach residents how they can do their part and make a difference. It is our hope that students will take the knowledge and resources they acquire from this program and continue to implement those practices throughout their life.

Eco Reps are able to gain credit for their work during fall, winter, and spring quarters. Listed as the ENVS 449C Seminar class with instructor Seth VidaƱa, Eco Reps are earning 1 credit per participating quarter.

Lead Eco Reps are peer mentors to the Eco Reps. They have completed one year as an Eco Rep, host one meeting a week with their region of campus, and assist the Coordinator and Assistant in advising the Eco Reps through the year. They are a paid position with two Lead Eco Reps per campus region (north, south, Ridgeway).

Eco Reps host events in their halls to encourage sustainability through education, outreach, and community involvement. If you are interested in becoming an Eco Rep, contact the ResRAP Coordinator.