Eco Rep Videos

SHADO Eco Rep Video

A SHADO resident is appalled by a friend that took a 30 minute shower!
They then explore ways to conserve water when using the bathroom.

Mathes Eco Rep Video

Mathes hall eco-reps focus on waste with an emphasis on paper towel use and waterbottles.
Note: If you like the Fandango Commercials you will like this video!

Nash Viking Safari Video

Residents of Nash explore ways homosapiens can conserve energy by
observing them in their natural habitat.

Birnam Wood: Intervention Ep 1

A non-composting college student is forced into an intervention to try to change his non-ecofriendly ways.

Edens/Higginson: The Light Switch

A montage of students answering the question "how do you save energy?"

Buchanan Towers Eco Rap

An educational rap about how to be eco-friendly. Also includes interviews of
various students answering the question "how are you living green?"

2 Ecoreps, 1 Shower

Ollie Crain and Jack Lally, 2 EcoReps from Higginson and Mathes, created this short video all about showers.

Spring Break UR Frig

Have you seen this message from the Mathes EcoRep? Watch it before you
leave your refrigerator for any long period of time.

Food in your Face

One of these students is about to do something, and the other is not a big fan of that action...

Are you the one?

Do you ever throw away a recyclable item because there is no bin right next to the trash can? Who does not realize the importance of recycling? Some people on campus apparently - unless it's aliens who deposit recyclables in our trash cans...