Green Residence Certification

In 2013 ResRAP Coordinator Hayden Fairley and Assistant Kendra Krantz submitted a Sustainable Action Fund Small Grant Proposal for a Green Residence Certification pilot. Their project was approved by the SAF committee and piloted during Spring 2013.

The purpose of the GRC project is to heighten student awareness about sustainable living. Now funded as a component program of ResRAP through University Residences, students are assessed using an online survey measuring how environmentally conscious their lifestyle choices are.

Based upon your calculated score you’ll be assigned a level of bronze, silver, gold or emerald. You may reapply to improve your score each quarter. Once a student has taken a survey they are given one of the following tools to motivate them to continue or start making choices with a smaller environmental impact: shower timer, energy efficient surge protector, or outlet timer.

The survey is open to all WWU students that live on-campus or have ever lived on-campus. Ready to make a difference? Apply today!


Maddie Gavigan Martin
Coordinator of Resident's Resource Awareness Program