Green Residence Certification

Last year ResRAP took on the Green Energy Fee Small Grant Project application to initiate our long anticipated Green Residence Certification pilot and were graciously approved. The purpose of our Green Residence Certification pilot project is to heighten student awareness about sustainable living. We will be assessing the sustainable practices of specific residence hall rooms and giving them a level of certification based on how environmentally-conscious their lifestyle choices are as well as providing them with a sustainable kit. The kit will include a shower timer, an energy efficient surge protector, transportation guides, and recycling guides.

This year the Green Residence Certification program is reaching out to all WWU students living on campus to help in making our university one of the nation’s leader in sustainable dorm living. If you care about the environment and want to make a difference, we call upon YOU to join us in the GRC program and apply today!


Sam Geller, Green Resident Certification Assistant