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Textile workshop stitches sewing and sustainability together

March 14, 2014 |
Western Today

Crafty skills like sewing and darning were learned paired with lessons of sustainability at a hands-on clothing and textile workshop held by the Office of Sustainability, Thursday, Nov. 19. Around 10 students were able to sew reusable tote bags by upcycling beer malt sacks and learn how to patch clothes, sew button and darn socks in the Viking Union. Wanting to start off early this year in fall quarter, Western student Jacquelyn Stenman of the Office of Sustainability said that they wanted something related to clothes like their winter quarter program “Sweater Days.” “One of our themes of Sweater Days is ‘You have the power’, so we’re trying to show people that they have the power to mend their clothes,” Stenman said. Stenman continued, saying that they like to define sustainability as a mix of economic, environment and social sustainability. Stenman decribes social sustainability as being able to take care of yourself and making sure that there equity amongst all different kinds of people.