Western Washington University Sweater Days partners with many groups on campus to further this energy conservation awareness and action campaign. Those partners include:

WWU Facilities Management: The Steam Plant

Steam Plant

The WWU Steam plant burns natural Gas, to provide almost all of the heat and hot water for the University campus. This includes hot water for dishwashing, sanitation and steam tables in the dining halls, hot water in the residence halls, sterilizing steam for the autoclaves in the biology building, and dry compressed air for building controls. Operating a central steam plant is much more efficient than having a separate heating unit and hot water heaters in each building. The steam plant burns about 10,000 Therms of natural gas on an average winter day, and produces 5-6 Million pounds of steam per month in the summer months, up to 28 Million pounds in the month of January.

Environmental and Sustainability Programs Office (ESP)


The ESP is the heartbeat of the campus environmental community. The Environmental Center, the Outback, and the Alternative Transportation Coordinator are the student-led hubs that make up the ESP. All these positions are committed to serving students by helping them grow their passions and discover what sustainability looks like in their own lives. Our united purpose is first and foremost to create and continue a steady flow of collaboration and dialogue around environmental issues.
Coordinator: Nina Olivier, | (360)650-6129

WWU Society for Photographic Education Student Club


The photography area at Western emphasizes a cross-disciplinary approach with a strong basis in conceptual, historical, and technical development. The primary goal is to prepare students to become innovative practitioners within the contemporary art world. |
Contact: | (360)650-3660

Western Gallery

Western Gallery

The Western Gallery provides diverse experiences in the visual arts for its constituencies, encompassing the University community and region while providing a point of reference to the national and international art scene. Through historical, contemporary and experimental art exhibitions, through the outdoor collection of contemporary sculpture, through publications and through interpretative interdisciplinary programs, the Western Gallery is committed to creating an environment for learning. The gallery acts as a center for discussion and exchange of ideas on critical issues in contemporary art. The Western Gallery recognizes its role in expanding its audience's awareness of the visual arts as central to the dynamic and pluralistic nature of our society.
Contact: Sarah Clark-Langager - Director, (360)650-3963

Western Libraries

Western Libraries

Western Libraries are integral to student success at Western Washington University. We serve students, faculty, and staff by providing top notch information resources, high quality library services, and technologically enabled spaces to support learning and scholarship.
Contact: (360)650-3084