Syllabus Essentials

The following includes the University's required text for syllabi, as well as the minimum information that is required to create a usable syllabus. For a more in-depth discussion of designing and implementing syllabi please see the Student-Centered Syllabus page. See also the Summer '11 Praxis article about syllabus considerations.

WWU School Policies (required on syllabi)
    Essential Elements
    • Current year and quarter
    • Course number, course title, and number of credits
    • Instructor name, office location, office hours
    • Instructor contact information (office telephone number, campus email address)
    • Title and author(s) of textbook(s), including ISBN; other required materials
    • Course description, explaining how the course fits into the curriculum
    • Departmental goals/learning objectives
    • Course goals/learning objectives
    • Grading standards, including a definition of S/U, P/NP grading options 
    • Assignments and other required activities (e.g. field trips, research projects)
    • Course agenda (by week), important due dates and assignments, and holidays
    • Flexibility Statement such as "This syllabus is subject to change. Changes, if any, will be announced in class. Students will be held responsible for all changes."



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