Critical Thinking Toolkit

Overview of Critical Thinking

Defining Critical Thinking
Models of Critical Thinking Development
Teaching Critical Thinking Skills
Thinking & Research on Critical Thinking

Curricular Ideas (General)

Approaches and Strategies
Evaluating Sources
Deep Reading
Resources for Students
Socratic Method

Disciplinary Ideas

General Assignments
Arts & Humanities
Social Sciences
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)


Objectives & Assessment

Active Verbs for Writing Outcomes
Assessing Critical Thinking Outcomes
Creating Rubrics
Sample Rubrics: Holistic
Sample Rubrics: Paper Assignments
Sample Rubrics: Projects


Books for Students ( * = available at CIIA or WWU Libraries)
Textbooks About Critical Thinking
Books for Teachers ( * = available at CIIA or WWU Libraries)
Discipline Specific Books

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