About the Student Technology Center

Contact Information, Location & Mission Statement

Phone: 650-4300
Email: techcenter@wwu.edu
Location: Haggard Hall, 2nd Floor (Right behind the reference desk)

The Student Technology Center supports the advancement of student knowledge of technology from fundamental skills to advanced applications. The STC is a place where students attend workshops, schedule peer tutoring, and make use of manuals, tutorials and other advanced equipment and software to promote their learning. Working with faculty from all disciplines, the STC compliments Western’s curriculum by offering training in support of course requirements.

Critical to the mission of the STC is the support of students by students. Staffed with knowledgeable Western students, the STC provides peer-based assistance. Students working at the STC are expected to master a wide range of technologies in addition to developing tutoring skills.

Job Opportunities

The Student Technology Center hires new student employees before fall quarter. We are not currently accepting applications.

Meet Our Staff

ATUS Coordinators

John Farquhar
Manager, Multimedia Services

Phone: 6538
Office: Haggard Hall 154A
Email: John.Farquhar@wwu.edu

David Hamiter
Application Specialist, Training

Phone: 4976
Office: Haggard Hall 226
Email: David.Hamiter@wwu.edu

AJ Barse
Instructional Technologist, Training

Phone: 7222
Office: Haggard Hall 225
Email: AJ.Barse@wwu.edu


Jon Poolman
Graduate Assistant

Alan Butler
Technology Assistant

Brendan Baalke
Technology Assistant


Bryan Holdt
Technology Assistant

Word, Canvas, Dreamweaver

Evan Sirchuk
Technology Assistant


Carina Linder Jimenez
Technology Assistant

Chris Scott
Technology Assistant

Final Cut, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Excel

Christopher Utterback
Technology Assistant

InDesign, Photoshop, Final Cut

Dominic Lusk
Technology Assistant

Illustrator, Final Cut, Photoshop, Development

Jason Barrett
Technology Assistant


Jordan Kubichek
Technology Assistant


Josiah Ubben
Technology Assistant

Kariana Aldrich
Technology Assistant


Kathy Hodges
Technology Assistant

Final Cut, Photoshop, PowerPoint

Katy Bentz
Technology Assistant

InDesign, Photoshop

Kayla Adams
Technology Assistant


Lauren Hammer
Technology Assistant

Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Paul Weidner
Technology Assistant



Rae Hemmen
Technology Assistant


Saša Vukovic
Technology Assistant


Shawna Zusi-Cobb
Technology Assistant

Photoshop, InDesign

Skylar Aieta
Technology Assistant

Spencer Bui
Technology Assistant

InDesign, Excel, Powerpoint

Thayne Yazzie
Technology Assistant

Photoshop, Illustrator, FinalCut

Wesley Boyett
Technology Assistant

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