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Western had 12 winners for the Smart Trips Fall Prize Campaign! In just two weeks, 1,499 campaign participants saved more than 7,000 gallons of gas, which prevented over 150,000 pounds of carbon emissions.  The walking and bicycling trips added up to more than 1,000 hours of physical activity. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Smart Trips Fall Prize Campaign!  We did something really good for our community.

Smart Trips

Frank Haulgren- Village Books Bestsellers ($100 gift certificate to Village Books)

Karen Izumoto- Now You're Cooking! (Non-GMO cookbook, baking tools from the Greenhouse, $250 giftcard to the Co-op)

Gennaro Carbone- Island Getaway ($500 giftcard to Willows Inn on Lummi Island)

Paul Schronen- Mt. Baker Ski (and eat!) Day for Two (two lift tickets to Mt. Baker, $20 to Wake-n-Bakery, $80 gift card for Milano's Restaurant)

Mark Price- Best Kid's Day in Fairhaven Ever (gift certificates to Fairhaven Toy Garden, Bead Bazaar, cupcakes from Mad Batter, tour of Belingham Fire Station)

Eliza Andrews- A Super Fancy Electric Toothbrush

Peter Diehl- Essential Food Groups (Tony's Coffee, bottle of wine, 10 Mallard's Ice Cream cones, $40 worth of Chocolate Necessities

Victor Nolet- Arts and Crafts (Soap making supplies, $25 to Otion, $50 to Dakota Art Stores)

Paul Brower- Viking Entertainment (tickets to Vadym Kholodenko, Streamers, Piece of My Heart)

Gordon Chalmers- The Good Life in the Village ($75 to Mambo Italiano, night's stay at Fairhaven Village Inn, $50 for Magdalena's Creperie)

Lesley Stephens- Read and Ride (quarterly bus pass from WTA, digital subscription to Bellingham Herald)

Debbie Curry- Pickford Pair All Year (pair of Pickford Film Center passes every month for a year)


How You Get To Work - Visit this page for more information about how to walk, bike, ride the bus or share a ride to work.

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