Transportation Safety Net

Transportation Safety Net Elements:

  • Scratch Permits for one-day parking
  • Emergency Ride Home
  • On Campus Amenities
  • Commuter Toolkit

Leave your car at home with peace of mind. Utilize the following items, which are available to you as your Transportation Safety Net.

Scratch Permits

Staff and faculty who normally walk, bike, bus or carpool to campus may purchase one packet of 10 one-day parking permits per quarter. Scratch Permits are available from Parking Services.

Emergency Ride Home

In the event of illness, family emergency or unexpected overtime, employees who have a carpool permit or are members of Smart Trips can get a free taxi ride home.

When you need an emergency ride:

  • Call WTA (360) 676-RIDE (7433) to receive an authorization number. WTA will book your taxi ride at the time of your phone call, or you may request your taxi to arrive at a later time (for example if your emergency ride will be needed outside of 8am-8pm).

Inclement Weather Policy

Classified staff should refer to the appropriate collective bargaining unit for specific inclement weather policies. Generally, classified staff employees arriving less than two hours late or leaving less than two hours early shall not have their pay reduced as a result. Administrative Professional Staff employees reporting to work less than four hours late due to inclement weather, shall be granted pay for that period. Employees should communicate with their supervisors regarding specific departmental policies.

Campus Amenities

Campus Commuter Challenge Toolkits

The goal of WWU's Sustainable Transportation program is to reduce congestion and environmental harm by reducing drive-alone commute trips. Driving less is also a significant way to save money, reduce stress, and add healthy physical activity into your day.

  • You can help WWU meet the challenge with a pledge to use an alternative to driving alone one or more days each week.

  • Tools are available (while supplies last) to help WWU faculty and staff make the switch. 

  • Contact the Sustainable Transportation office or click here for more information.

Page Updated 08.05.2016