How You Get To Work

Join The Trend!

55% of Western's employees use an alternative to driving alone to work at least once per week. Join the trend using tools at this site.

Contact Western's Sustainable Transportation Office for commute assistance.



Commute Trip Options Are Supported By Western

Commuting Assistance

To find more out about your commute options (including any of the services described on this site), contact Western's Sustainable Transportation Staff. We are here to help you explore your alternative commute options!


Smart Trips

A smart trip is any trip made by walking, bicycling, sharing a ride, or riding the bus.

Sign up for Whatcom Smart Trips and start recording your smart trips to receive valuable discounts throughout Whatcom County and to be eligible to win a monthly $250 prize and a quarterly $1,000 prize!

Read about smart trip commuter stories made by employees at Western.


Emergency Ride Home

If you are part of Whatcom Smart Trips, then you are eligible for a free ride home - via taxi - in the event of illness, emergency or unexpected overtime.

Contact Western's Sustainable Transportation Office for more information.

Facilities For Biking And Walking

Bicycle racks and shelters are located throughout campus. Bike lockers are also available for long term use and can be reserved through CashNet. Check out the Campus Bike Map for the location of bike lockers, bike racks, Fix-It bike repair stations and campus dismount zones.

Free Maps, reflectors and other safety tools are available to bicyclist and pedestrians in the Sustainable Transportation Office.

Bicycle With Confidence

Whatcom Smart Trips provides free cycling educational materials, classes and events, and bicycle commuters can also get advice and encouragement from veteran cyclists.

League of American Bicyclist Instructor Jillian Trinkausis available in the Sustainable Transportation office to answer bicycling questions and to teach bicycling classes.

Rideshare Parking and Ride Matching Assistance

Contact Western's Sustainable Transportation Office for help finding a carpool partner. Upon request, staff can try to match you with other Western employees who are interested in ridesharing.

Preferred carpool parking is available in Lots 11G and 17G. Contact Parking Services for details.

Sign into The Viking Village Forum for rideshares with other WWU people. Rideshare resources that are open to anyone include:


Zipcar is now on campus! Zipcars are available for personal and business use. Use one to go to lunch, an appointment or a business meeting. The hourly rate includes the cost of gas and insurance!  Just join, reserve and drive. Use the Zipcar savings calculator to see how much you could save by not owning a car.

Bus Passes and Routes

The Whatcom Transit Authority provides Western with excellent bus service. Western faculty and staff can use the Faculty and Staff WTA Quarterly Bus Pass Form to purchase a bus pass.

Check out WTA for bus routes and trip planning help. If you need additional trip planning help contact the Sustainable Transportation Office.


Trip Reduction

Employees may be allowed to compress their work week or flex their schedules in order to take advantage of carpooling or bus riding opportunities. Teleworking may be an option. Please check with your supervisor for potential options.

Free Tools

Free tools are available for employees who commit to walking, biking, transit or carpooling to work at least one day a week. Contact Western's Sustainable Transportation Office for more information about maps, reflectors and reflective tape, bicycle commuting guides, access to free cycling classes, and more.



Contact Western's Sustainable Transportation Staff For Information About Your Commute Options

Employee Transportation Coordinators:

Contact Information:


Every Commute Makes A Difference

You can help make Whatcom County a great place to live when you commute to work by walking, bicycling, sharing a ride, or riding the bus. You also benefit personally. Whether you do it once a week or more often, you can:

  • Start your workday in a good mood by walking or bicycling to work
  • Improve your health with active transportation
  • Spend more time with your friends by riding with them to work
  • Read and relax riding the bus
  • Save money on gas, insurance, and maintenance by driving less
  • Save serious money - on average $8,799 a year - by owning one less family car (AAA, 2011)





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