Commuter Stories


Alyssa Jones

Alyssa Jones, of the Center for Service Learning, is Western’s Smart Trips winner for the month of March.  She rides the bus, bikes and walks and has been doing so for more than 5 years, both as a student and an employee of Western.

Alyssa finds it to be a natural choice to ride the bus, and says that it is very accessible.  It is faster than walking and helps her avoid some of the hassles of driving:  paying for parking, driving in bad weather and finding a parking spot.  Alyssa enjoys riding the bus for a variety of other reasons as well.  She sees friends, has a chance to read a book, and does not have to stress about traffic.  Instead, she can experience what is going on around her.  It is also a great way to explore town!

When the weather is nice, Alyssa also rides her bike to work.  It is not as easy getting up the hill as by bus, but the opportunity to stop and experience her environment is a big plus!  For example, if she sees a sign for a community event, she can stop and look at the details.  If she were driving, this wouldn’t be possible.

Alyssa chooses to ride her bike and the bus because she is mindful of her impact on the environment.  She doesn’t want to drive if there is not a need.  Alyssa also finds Bellingham to be a great city to use sustainable transportation because of the support provided by WTA as well as bike shops and local events like Bike to Work and School Day.  The economics of it add up quick, too! 

Alyssa’s advice to those who have not tried cycling or riding the bus: You’d be surprised how easy it is to do!  Once you get over that barrier, you’ll see that it is easy and fun.

Alyssa logs her Smart Trips to hold herself accountable for her choices.  She says it is easy and since she already bikes, walks and rides the bus, why not?  The prizes and thank you gifts are just cherries on the cake.  You too can log your Smart Trips for a chance to win.  Visit to get started, or contact the Sustainable Transportation Office for help planning your commute.

Page Updated 11.27.2017