Commuter Stories

Krista Mantello

Krista Mantello

Krista Mantello catches the bus near her house in the Columbia neighborhood everyday to work. On nice summer days, she will even throw her bike on the bus in the morning and enjoy a bike ride home after the work day. When Krista was a student, she enjoyed the fifty minutes she had on the bus ride home to study for class. Now, as an employee at Western, she is able to use her commute time to read and relax.

For Krista, riding the bus is more than an opportunity to relax, it's a way to build community. Riding the bus has allowed her to meet and get to know the people in her neighborhood. Logging her Smart Trips also helps Krista to integrate with the community when she uses her discount card at local businesses.

As Program Support Supervisor for International Programs and Exchanges, Krista is knowledgeable about public transit in other parts of the world. She hopes that one day America can follow the example of transit in other countries and make it the number one priority. Krista chooses alternative transportation because she feels it is her social duty and it is convenient.

You too can log your Smart Trips for a chance to win.  Visit to get started, or contact the Sustainable Transportation Office for help planning your commute.

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