Commuter Stories


Stephanie Treneer

Stephanie Treneer started riding the bus in grad school, and has just continued on from there.  She finds it to be convenient, saves money and buys less gas in the process.  Stephanie has ridden the bus during the school year all 4 years that she has worked in the Mathematics department here at Western.  During the summer, though, she rides her bike!  In addition to the cost savings and convenience, Stephanie chooses to ride the bus and ride her bike because she likes the environmental aspect of it.  She’s all for trying to help out where she can and reducing her carbon footprint! 

Stephanie says, “I don’t know why you wouldn’t ride the bus - especially considering the price of parking and having to find a spot in the morning.”   She finds the discounted annual employee bus pass to be a pretty good option, and the frequent service of buses in her area to be convenient.  Her one challenge with the bus is making it out the door in the morning to catch it!

She chooses to log her Smart Trips because, “it just seemed like kind of a cool thing to do!”   Stephanie has set her Smart Trips account to send her a monthly email reminder; otherwise, she says she might forget to log them!

Contact The Sustainable Transportation Office to learn more about your commuting options. Also, log your smart trips at to become eligible for cash prizes, discounts and other rewards.


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