Drop-In Tutoring - Fall 2018

Tutoring Center
WL 280
M-R 9am-9pm
Fri 9am-5pm
Sat Closed
Sun 5pm-9pm

Hours subject to change for holidays and finals; visit WL280 or call 360-650-3855 for updates.

The Tutoring Center provides free peer-assisted tutoring for the math and science GURs. The Tutoring Center also provides a wide variety of materials, including calculators, textbooks, and solution manuals, for use in the drop-in center in WL280

Drop-In Tutoring (Printable Copy)

CHEM 121/122, 123
PHYS 114, 161/162, 163
CHEM 251, 351/352
MATH 107-115, 156, 157
ECON 206-207
MATH 240 (Statistics)

DSCI 205 support can be provided during the hours listed for M240

Schedule subject to change

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