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Math and Science Links

Eric Weisstein's World of Physics

Eric's Weisstein's World of Chemistry

Kahn Academy: short videos covering concepts in math, physics, chemistry and much more

Wolfram MathWorld: encyclopedic collection of math concepts and examples

Wolfram MathWorld/Logic: more concepts and examples, this time for logic

Math Reference Handouts-also available at TC

Exponent and Logarithm rules

Geometric Formulas

Math Study Skills Inventory

Math Vocabulary Sheet: Translating Math to English

SQ6R: a time-tested technique for reading and understanding math textbooks

Math Placement Test Information

Math 114 Skills Test Handout and Math 114 Skills Test Additional Problems

Tips for solving the 5 types of problems on the skills test; practice problems and solutions

Trigonometric Identities: common trig identities used in Math 115

Unit Conversions

Word Problem Strategy

Study Skills Resources-also available at TC

Quarterly Calendar

Study Skills Booklet

To-Do List

Weekly Calendar

NEW! Academic Successs Videos

Time Management

Note Taking

Your GPA: Why Grades Matter

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