Time Management

Write out your goals

time management

Good time management starts with deciding what you want to get done. Identify specific goals, and list the steps you will take to reach them. For example, one step might be consulting an expert—e.g. an academic advisor, a successful student, or a study skills tutor.
For more information about setting goals watch this short video: GOAL SETTING (.wmv) or make an appointment with one of our study skills tutors.

Pick up calendars from the Tutoring Center

Write in the dates of your tests, quizzes, assignments, and other important events on a quarterly calendar. Include adequate time for recreation too.

Enter classes, work hours and other regularly-occurring activities on a weekly calendar, then schedule study time. As a rule of thumb, schedule two hours of study time for each hour in class; specific classes may require more or less study time.

Get in the habit of writing "To Do" lists and checking them when you study

Once you identify what need to accomplish, break down large goals into a list of smaller tasks. Prioritize the tasks so you know which to do first, and cross them off as you complete them in order to stay motivated and to combat procrastination.

Page Updated 11.27.2017