Front Door to Discovery

Your resource to building university-community partnerships

The Front Door to Discovery Office at Western Washington University provides a central point of contact between Western Washington University and the greater community. Serving as a knowledgeable connection between university and community resources, the Front Door helps you find opportunities to enhance collaborative university-community partnerships. We work hard to know as much about Western and the community as possible so we can help you make connections that matter.

Off Campus

We are your experts! The Front Door can help you connect to Western’s many resources including:

  • Faculty research partnerships and student projects
  • Student internships, community service, jobs, or volunteers
  • Business development ideas and data analysis
  • Supporting initiatives that enhance economic development
  • Community engagement and collaboration that benefit the community
"By having a great single point of contact, we learned about other aspects of the university to which we can be of assistance. For example, we sponsored the Hatch Partnership, learned about the Associated Students’ tremendous role throughout the years in shaping the student’s impact on the campus and the community, increasing our preparedness to engage and support them. And, our first Bellingham hire was a recent Western graduate. All of these happened thanks to recommendations from Western’s Front Door to Discovery. Thank you for having such an outstanding resource at this great university.
-Johnathan Hopkins, Uber Bellingham

On Campus

The Front Door cultivates partnerships with businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies to help you access:

  • Internships and job opportunities
  • Valuable and relevant professional leaders that enhance teaching and learning
  • Community development, outreach, and engagement opportunities
  • Research and project partnerships outside of the university
"Through introduction and support by the Front Door, I partnered an entire course in a community engagement project that put Western students on the forefront of planning and implementing the second annual Bellingham Brain Cancer Walk. This highly effective partnership between a local nonprofit, our campus, several local businesses, Squalicum High School and the City of Bellingham was facilitated through Front Door to Discovery. Students reported great feelings of efficacy and meaningful learning, the community partners echoed with gratitude for the connection and assistance, and support for a social cause in the greater community became palpable in the process.
-Heather Davidson
Department of Communication Studies
Western Washington University

Whether on or off campus, the Front Door is your key to building university-community partnerships by connecting you to the right people and resources.


Chris Roselli
Front Door to Discovery

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