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S & A Fee Committee - Meeting Schedule

The S & A Fee Committee shall meet as often as necessary. The chairperson, in consultation with the membership, will establish a regular meeting time. Special meetings of the committee shall be called by the chairperson or when requested by three of the seated voting membership. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required. A quorum shall exist when a majority of the seated voting membership is in attendance.

Winter Quarter 2018

Spring Quarter 2018

S & A Fee Committee - 2017 Meeting Schedule

Winter Quarter 2017

Spring Quarter 2017

S & A Fee Committee - 2016 Meeting Schedule

Winter Quarter 2016

  • March 11 08:00-09:00 VU 567 Introductions/Open Public Meetings Act/Guidelines/RCWs

Spring Quarter 2016

S & A Fee Committee - 2015 Meeting Schedule

Winter Quarter 2015

Spring Quarter 2015