Banquet Permits

The Assistant Vice President’s Office is required to review and approve applications to serve alcohol at events on campus (including Lakewood) or at Western-sponsored events off campus. Only after that approval is given may a banquet permit be sought through the Washington State Liquor Board website.

Obtaining Permission to Serve Alcohol

First: obtain approval to serve alcohol from WWU’s Division of Enrollment & Student Services

Second: purchase a Banquet Permit on-line from the state

State Banquet Permit information

If you need assistance with WSLCB application process, please call the Licensing Customer Service desk at (360) 664-1600.

At your event, you will need to have a copy of the approved WWU “Application for Banquet Permit to Serve Alcohol” in your possession. When you purchase your banquet permit online, an e-mail copy of it is sent to the local liquor enforcement office. You will need to print out your WSLCB Banquet Permit and you must sign and post your WSLCB Banquet Permit at the location where you will be serving the alcohol at your event.

WWU departments may ONLY use a WWU Foundation fund (Chart 2) to pay for the $10 WSLCB Banquet Permit. Whether using a WWU p-card or a personal credit/debit card for reimbursement later, prior approval from Tom Jones, Western Foundation’s Financial Manager is required. E-mail: for pre-approval.

Page Updated 08.07.2014