Enrollment & Student Services

Division Policies

7000-9000 Enrollment & Student Services

POL-U7100.01 Student Records Policy (WAC)

POL-U7100.02 Using Email Accounts for Official Correspondence with Students

POL-U7300.01 Campus Services, Access to Career Planning and Placement Center

POL-U7400.01 Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy

POL-U7600.01 Student Aid- Satisfactory Academic Progress

POL-U8000.01 Operating The Associated Students Bookstore

POL-U8500.01 Space Allocation - Exterior Space

POL-U8610.01 Recognition Policy (Associated Students)

POL-U8650.01 Campus Wide Posting

POL-U8650.02 Sale of Goods and Services

POL-U8670.01 KUGS Associated Students Radio Station

POL-U8800.02 Ordering and Communicating Course Materials