Enrollment & Student Services

Call for Proposals!

In preparing to submit a program proposal, it will ask you to provide these elements:

  • Presentation title
  • Co presenters names
  • Type and length of program
  • Intended audience: admin staff, custodial, supervisors, working directly with students, general session
  • Brief description no more 60 words
  • Presentation overview and intended outcomes
  • Any special requests

We are introducing a new option to programming offerings this year that highlights non-profit community service/service learning opportunities that we provide as Western employees to benefit Whatcom and Skagit counties. Please refer to the Non-Profit Proposal Guidelines below.

Presentation proposals are due on Monday, May 8, 2017. Please submit your proposal at the following link: www.azl.qualtrics.com.

Don’t hesitate to contact your co-chairs if you have any questions. Shari.Robinson@wwu.edu or Jennifer.Cook@wwu.edu

Non-Profit Proposal Guidelines

  • Project must have WWU employee host (point-person).
  • Self-contained projects are accomplished in a 60-minute program session.
  • Project supplies must be provided by organization or WWU host (point-person).
  • WWU host is responsible for set up and clean-up of session.
  • WWU host is responsible for pick up and return of supplies if necessary.
  • Project must be a local community organization benefitting Whatcom and/or Skagit County residents.
  • NPO representatives may invite NPO to do a brief (10-minute) presentation on their Non-profit organization’s mission and vision.
  • WWU and/or NPO representative are responsible for facilitating the session.